What was Liberia called before Liberia?

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This question what Liberia called before Liberia has no specific answer because historically present day Liberia constituted many different lands ruled by different kings from different tribes. These Indigenous kings were predominantly worriors and every king ruled over a particualar tribe that spoke one language. For example present day Liberia has part of the Kissi Nation ruled by the kissi kings before the coming of British and and french in present day west Africa. This kissi nation was divided among the French and British and the British occupied west which is now part of Sierra Leone. Kailhun, some part of this great kissi Nation now in Guinea and Liberia. The true answer is there was no particular name given to all the landscape now know as present day Liberia. The Bassa were a nation of their own ruled by their kings, the Kpelleh, Gbandi, Kissis, Lorma and the Via are migrated down south from inland and their fore fathers were Muslims traders. The Lormas, Gbandi and the kissis lived side by side as they do today but forght bitter tribal wars for lands. The Kissima Lorma are relatives of the kIssi tribe from which the got their name. Mendes in Viahun were not known by outsiders because of dense forest. They enjoy forest life. And their relatives in Sirra Leone were known by the Bristish. And for the Kissi or Gissi although our nation was destroyed by the British and French we still ourselves as one nation even though we live Sirra Leone, Liberia Guinea. We are still a Kissi Nation Culturally this is why we inter- marry among ourselves.

The krahn like the kissi occupied the land that is now called Grand Gedeth and land now find in the Ivory Coast and the Lorma in Lofa and thoses in Macenta Guinea have shared one land so as you see the picture west Africa was a complex social structure and nation was simple a single tribe rule by one or few kings and worriers.
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