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What was President Nixon's party affiliation?

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Nixon was a Republican.
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What was the party affiliation of each of the US Presidents?

Washington, J Adams - Federalist. Jefferson, Madison, Monroe - Democratic-Republican. JQ Adams - none. Jackson, Van Buren - Democrat. WH Harrison, Tyler - Whig (Tyler was

What were President Chester Arthur's Party Affiliation?

Chester Alan Arthur ( October 5 , 1829 - November 18 , 1886 ) was an American politician who served as the twenty-first President of the United States . Arthur was a m

Do presidents choose vice presidents from different party affiliations?

They can, they just don't. It used to be that whomever came in second in the electoral college became Vice President. There have also been Vice President's who identified them

Who was the only president not affiliated with a political party?

George Washington. During Washington's two terms the Federalist and Republican ( not the current Republican) parties were formed. John Adams was the first (and only) Federali

What was the last 7 presidents party affiliation?

1977-1981 -- Jimmy Carter -- Democrat 1981-1989 -- Ronald Reagan -- Republican 1989-1993 -- George H.W. Bush -- Republican 1993-2001 -- Bill Clinton -- Democrat 20

What party affiliation were the assassins of us presidents?

Booth, who shot Lincoln was a Southern sympathizer. Guiteau was, Iguess, a Republican. He had supported Garfield and thought he hadearned an appointment to be an ambassador. M