What was a pals regiment in World War 1?

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In peacetime Britain traditionally maintains only a small army. When war broke out in 1914 the British army was so small that the Kaiser dismissed it calling the British soldiers "contempable." Despite the initial surge to enlist Britain needed to expand its army as quickly as possible and so came up with the promise that those who joined up together (as pals) would stay together and fight together. Until that point Britain had recruited its soldiers on a county basis - Lancashire Regiment, Devonshire Regiment, etc. Now, with this promise in mind thousands of young men signed up in local groups. Every town was urged to match the commitment of its neighbours and produce its own company or battalion. There were even clerk's battalions or companies formed by old boys from a particular school or university. The result of all this was a recruiting sergeant's dream come true as groups of young men from all walks of life formed "Pals" units rapidly swelling the army numbers. However, disaster was just around the corner because pals that fight together die together. On the first day of the first battle of the Somme alone Britain suffered nearly 60,000 casualties. The Pals battalions were decimated and many were completely wiped out. Nothing could hide from those at home the scale and full horror of the war they were involved in when the telegram boy called at every other house in every street of a small town bringing the awful news of husbands, fathers and sons. Not surprisingly recruitment quickly shifted back to its traditional methods with those joining or being conscripted from the same towns and villages being split and spread out through all the regiments. - I Warner
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What is information on the 251st Infantry Regiment in World War 2?

%DETAILS%\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nTry going to WWW.askjeeves.com\nType in 251st Infantry.\nThis will give hits to all the web sites that contain any information on the 251th.\nI did this for The USS Randolph and found a couple of people who knew my Grandfather during the war and a few people w (MORE)

Was World War 1 a 'total war'?

Total war is a military conflict in which nations mobilize all available resources in order to destroy another nation's ability to engage in war. The practice of total war has been in use for centuries, but it was only in the middle to the end of 19th century that total war was identified as (MORE)

Who were the PALS regiment?

Answer . This wasn't so much a single regiment but referred to the practice of keeping groups of recruits from one town or football team or even one family together in the regiment. Because of the high death rate in the 1st world war the young men of whole towns were wiped out and the practice d (MORE)

Where can you find information about the 328 Infantry Regiment in World War 2?

Answer . Sir,. In reguards to your question about the 328 Inf.Rgt. You may want ot tyr contacting the Dept. Of The Army, U.S. Army Heritage And Education Center. Their street address is 22 Ashburn Dr.,Carlisle, Pa. 17013. I don't know what I did with their E-mail address so I can't pass it on t (MORE)

Who had a regimental cap badge with stag in world war 1?

Answer. Many regiments were organized and sent into WW1. Many were yoemanry regiments and their badges varied greatly. Countries that wore regimental cap badges include England and Canada and Australia.. Stag Head . Some badges that had a prominent Stag Head were Seaforth Highlanders Gordon (MORE)

What wars were in World War 1?

The Western front; The Balkan front; The Eastern front; The war against Turkey in Iraq & Palestine & the war in East Africa

Can you identify 29th Infantry Regiment during World War 2?

When the United States entered World War II, the 29th Infantry moved to Iceland, where it defended the rocky coastline until shipped to England in preparation for the invasion of Europe. In December, 1944 the Regiment deployed to France where it provided security to the "Red Ball Express", the suppl (MORE)

What regiment had a green beret with a fist on during World War 2?

US forces did not wear any beret during WW2 The British had a Royal Armoured Corps that wore a cap badge with a mailed fist that had a King's Crown above it and had two rings encircling the fist that had arrow-head at top of each ring. This unit was organized later in the war. The more common (MORE)

Why was World War 1 a world war?

Even though the war started out as a conflict between Serbia and Russia against Germany and Austria-Hungary, it quickly became a global war when Great Britain, France, and Germany dragged their colonies/overseas allies into the war. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, South Africans, and Rhodesia (MORE)

World War 1 The Effects Of War?

World War 1 effected the world in many ways. Communism rose in theSoviet Union, and Germany failed to follow the treaty ofVersailles.

World War 1 was a total war?

Yes. World War I falls into the category of total war because the major focus of the governments involved was the war.

What is a pals regiment?

A pals regiment was a regiment recruited all in one town in England, or within one profession in a bigger city. The original BEF (British Expeditionary Force) sent to France in 1914 was very small as WWI armies went - only eight divisions. These were the "Old Contemptibles", a nickname they bestowed (MORE)

Did the dorset regiment construct a railway in Iran in 1914 which then caused the out break of World War 1?

I know nothing of a railway in Iran. The outbreak of WW1 was initiated by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand heir to the Austrian- Hungarian throne. He was shot in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip, a student, and member of The Black Hand, a Serbian Nationalist secret society.. Following the a (MORE)

Who was in what Scottish regiment in the war?

If you want a list of all members of all Scottish Regiments, that would be difficult to provide.. A lesson the British learned from WW2 was if you an entire Regiment served in one campaign or battle, then if that regiment suffered high loss of life that it would have a detrimental impact on the reg (MORE)

What was the timeline for the 165th infantry regiment during World War 2?

The 165th infantry regiment was part of the 27th Infantry Division,composed largely of New York national guard units. They fought inthe Pacific in the Bismark Archipeligo, the Philippines, on Saipan(where they faced the last and largest Japanese banzei charge ofthe war), and Okinawa. On Saipan they (MORE)

Where did 2nd battalion lincolnshire regiment captured in World War 2?

In 1944 during the d-day invasion they captured Caen. My granddad was a part of this division. Not sure what your question is, but my dad was in the 2nd Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment and was driving a water tanker in the Transport Echelon when he and many others were captured at Poperinge in Bel (MORE)

Where was fourth Marine regiment in World War 2?

In 1941, The 4th Marine Regiment was assigned to guard the US Naval base at Cavite and Corregidor Island in the Philippines. After the outbreak of war, The Cavite battalion also went to Corregidor. American and Filipino Coast Artillery installations were put under the command of the regiment's col (MORE)

How was the world after World War 1?

The world was in destruction when the World War 1 ended. The world was on the edge of devastation as its food supplies wererunning low and the cities were destroyed.

When was war World War 1?

1914, June 28, The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Serbia, the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, was the proximate trigger of the war. . 1914, July 28, the conflict opened with the Austro-Hungarian invasion of Serbia. 1918, Nov. 11, Germany agreed to a cease-fire. (MORE)

What is the oldest guards regiment in the world?

The oldest, continuously formed, active army unit in the world and the oldest infantry regiment in the British Army was formed in 1633 by King Charles I as the sovereign recruited men from Edinburgh to fight in France. They won their first battle honour in Tangiers in 1680 and their first Victoria C (MORE)

Who were the 17th coastal royal artillery regiment in World War 2?

The Royal Artillery 17th Coastal Regiment was formed in September 1941 from the coastal defenses at Tobruk in North Africa. The 17th RAR was part of the British 8th Army and served in Italy. One website says they were disbanded in July 1944. Coastal Artillery were formed and operated large, statio (MORE)

Why was World War 1 the trench war?

Germany thought they would defeat France easily but they were wrong ,they were evenly matched and couldn't defeat each other.So they held their positions by digging trenches and tried to gain the land in between them known as no-man's-land.

Why is it World War 1 instead of World War 1?

It is now correct to use WW 1 not WWI because of the confusion with the Roman Numeral I. Many young people have not learned the Roman Numeral System and the computer does not recognize it either. So the proper designations are WW2 and WW1 and it is preferable for the full wording to avoid confusion (MORE)

Was World War 1 an unecessary war?

Of course it was! Absolutely. Who got anything out of it, other than grief? Who even expected to get anything out of it? Serbia got the whole thing started because they coveted a few hundred square miles of the neighboring massive Austro-Hungarian Empire, for the glory of greater Pan Serbia. Say (MORE)

Where did world war 1 when they had there war?

What? This answer is both grammatically incorrect and doesn't make sense in the slightest. If you are looking for the location of World war one, it was mainly in Europe but was elsewhere as well. Some of the most noted places were Germany, France and Turkey (Gallipoli). If you are looking for the ti (MORE)

Why was World War 1 such a gruesome war?

This is a long answer because it involves many parts of battle. In three major terms, it was from the new horrible weapons used, trench warfare, and sheer numbers. First, weapons. Many inventions, such as gas warfare, airplanes and tanks were unleashed and killed many soldiers. Also, artillery ri (MORE)

Which countries where at war in World War 1?

in world war one there were two groups, the allied powers, which included great britain, russia, france, italy, japan, U.S.( later on in the 1917s), and 25 other nations, and then there were Central Powers, which included germany, austria-hungary(they were one country at the time), ottoman empire, a (MORE)

Why was World War 1 an important war?

it was called the war to end all wars. it didn't, of course. WWI was important because Serbia wanted to blame someone for the assassination of their arch duke. Germany jumped to the other side, France and England wanted to help Serbia. It was also the spark of WWII, because it led to the Great Depre (MORE)

What were war neuroses in World War 1?

War neuroses is another name for shell shock or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). War neuroses became prevalent during the first world war as it was the first major occurrence where it was documented.

What is the fastest marching regiment in the world?

The fastest marching regiment in the world would be The Rifles regiment in the British Army. Marching up to 140 paces per minute normal march and up to 180 paces per minute when in double time; also home to the fastest marching band in the world.

Who lost from the war World War 1?

Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria (The "Central Powers"). Sometimes, the Russian Empire is included, even though they fought for the allies, the Tsar (emperor) of Russia was overthrown in 1917, the empire was dismantled, and large amounts of territory were surrendered to Ger (MORE)

What were pals battalions world war 1?

Pal's Battalions were units in the British Army during the first world war. It's basic idea was that people could be enlisted in local recruiting drives in order to fight with their family, friends, etc. The word "pal" meaning friend in British English (:

Who was a war leader in World war 1?

Well, that really depends on the country you want. For Russia, a couple main generals are Alexi Brusilov, and Rennenkampf. (It sounds German, but trudt me, its Russian.) The French had Marshal Phillipe Petain and Marshal Foch. Of course, the Americans had General John "Black Jack" Pershing. The Germ (MORE)

What was the role of 442nd regiment in world war 2?

The 442nd Infantry Regiment was an infantry unit mostly composed of Japanese-Americans who fought in Europe during WW2 . The 442d is one of the most highly decorated Army units . Hawaiian Democrat Senator Daniel Inouye , a Medal Of Honor recipient , was a member of this renown unit . ~ See related (MORE)

How large was a civil war regiment?

Generally, 1000 of all ranks, on paper anyway. Almost all the regiments were volunteers and were made up of ten companies, each with 100 men. Companies were usually raised in one town and elected their own officers. Ten together made a regiment, which often also elected its own regimental officers. (MORE)

Is the parachute regiment the best airborne regiment in the world?

The simple answer is no but they are a elite regimentnonetheless, but after all they are only a light infantry. Thereare more advanced infantry soldiers in the British army forexample: Pathfinders-The Pathfinder Group is home to some of the Army's mostskilled combat soldiers as well as experts . As (MORE)

Where did the 346th Engineering General Services Regiment serve in World War II?

My grandfather was in Company B. This information is according tohis records: The regiment was formed in early 1942, and trained at CampClaiborne in Louisiana. It shipped out to England in early August1942 from Camp Kilmer. In England, at least part of the regimenthelped build Nuthampstead airbase. (MORE)

Which Scots regiments were involved in World War 2?

There were several regiments in the British army that were Scottish designation. The Royal Scots Regiment The London Scottish -the Gordan Highlanders Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders Gordon Highlanders Black Watch The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) The Royal Scot (MORE)

What were the different US Parachute Regiment in World War 2?

The US had five airborne divisions in WWII. The Table of Organization changed drastically one time. See the related link below for the component elements of each of these five divisions, both before and after the change. The Parachute Infantry Regiments which were part of each division are listed on (MORE)

Why was World War 1 a war?

War is when there is an armed conflict between 2 or more nations.World War 1 was exactly that- an armed conflict that involved alarge part of all the countries in the world.