What was the BBC attempting to do by making Romeo and Juliet?

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In 1978 the BBC announced it was going to televise all of Shakespeare's plays in productions optimised for TV presentation. (Colour TV became the standard in the UK during the mid 1970's - the BBC was looking for a high-value production to put its stamp on the new medium).
Romeo and Juliet is everybody's favourite Shakespeare play, so it was the first broadcast of the new series.
Titus Andronicus didn't get added until 1985, and nearly missed out on being added to the series entirely. At the time the play was almost unknown except to Shakespeare scholars.
Interestingly the BBC TV versio revived interest in Titus Andronicus, and the play is much better known now than it was in 1985. (Julie Taymor made an awesome film of it at the end of last century).
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Yes Romeo and Juliet did make love. That was the point of sneakingRomeo into Juliet's bedroom. They were already married by thatpoint, remember.

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According to my copy of the play, line 117 of Act 2 Scene 2 (the balcony scene) is "I have no joy of this contract tonight" which has nothing to do with making any plans.