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The Battle of the Bulge was not a single battle, but a major push (the Ardennes Offensive) by the German army during the last winter of World War II. Facing Allied advances across a wide front, Hitler ordered a concentrated attack to drive toward the Dutch port of Antwerp through the Ardennes Forest. It was the last major German offensive of the war.

In December, 1944 the Germans attacked a weak area of the allied lines. Their intention was to break through, split the American and British armies, and capture Antwerp, Belgium thus cutting off the British from supplies and reinforcements. They hoped to force the evacuation or surrender of the British forces and that that would force America to make peace. They would then have been able to turn all their strength to defending against the Russians. It didn't work though. The allied lines held, although they were pushed back in a broad semicircle, or bulge, in the line, hence the name of the battle.

The main thrust of the offensive was a two-pronged Panzer attack on the weak points of the Allied lines. It is also noted for the German deception of using captured US vehicles and uniforms to infiltrate the American lines.

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Aspects of the Battle of the Bulge
The Battle of The Bulge was a battle fought in Belgium, across the Siegfried Line. It was the battle right after the Americans took the Hürgenwald (Huertgen Forest). The battle is most recognized from two perspectives: the 101st Airborne surrounded in Bastogne, and the 1st Infantry Division pressing the Germans back up through the Bulge. It was a great long series of battles and operations. Some of the more notable would be
- Operation Stösser, where the Germans attempted to drop Fallschrimjäger paratroopers into an area outside of the Allied Lines
- Operation Greif where the Germans were able to send a single man behind Allied Lines and steal a great deal of gold
- The Malmedy Massacre, where 84 American prisoners were executed by the Germans.

The Siege of Bastogne
While in Bastogne, the 101st Airborne became encircled when the Germans hit their lines behind them, and captured a number of American doctors and medics, as well as killing many soldiers. One of the most famous quotes of the war was uttered by acting 101st Division Commander, General Arthur McAuliffe. When the Germans had encircled the Americans, the German commander sent them a letter asking for their honorable surrender, to which McAuliffe replied "NUTS!" This gave the members of the 101st a good laugh. Eventually, General Patton's Third Army charged through and rescued the 101st, even though no member of the division had ever agreed that they needed to be rescued.
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When was the Battle of the Bulge?

Battle of the Bulge Dates The battle started December 16, 1944 and lasted until January 25, 1945. There were two Allied army groups being massed up for the invasion of

Where was the Battle of the Bulge?

The Ardennes, Belgium, at the Seigfried line In the Ardennes, the border of Germany & Belgium. The battlewas the result of a surprise counter attack by the German army.Many Am

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The "bulge", as seen on a map of the areas of control by the Allies and the Germans, was an area of the front that became extended (bulged) into the mostly American lines in t

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The battle took place in Ardennes Mountains region in Belgium, elsewhere in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. *The 'Bulge' was the general region of the Ardennes Forrest in

The bulge in the Battle of the Bulge was?

The 'bulge' was the frontline that protruded out in the region of the Ardennes Mountains (specifically around the town of Bastogne). The Allied forces at that time had control

What was the Battle of the Bulge and why wasn't it a success?

It was a surprise German counter attack against US forces through the Ardennes forest in the dead of winter. It never had any chance of success due to lack of supplies and qua
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What was the Battle of the Bulge and was it successful?

What is called the Battle of the Bulge in the United States was part of the German Ardennes Offensive of 1944. It was a last-gasp effort by the German Army to stave off defeat
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the significance was that Hitler was planning to take Antwerp spliting the allied forces and was the last offense the Germans made. It began on December 16, 1944 and lasted fo
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Ir was a last big push of the Germans to attempt to win or at least slow the loss to the American, British, French, forces attacking Germany from the west. If they had met the