What was the US's immigration policies for the 1940s?

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What is the Immigration policy of Luxembourg?

Hello I am Palestinian, working as pharmacist, having Diploma in pharmacy. My wife Palestinian As well, working as Lab technologist having degree in Chemistry science. We have

What was the US's open door policy with China in 1889?

Pretty MUCH the United States wanted access to trading rights with china. So did many other countries such as Britain, Germany, and France. JON HAY proposed the idea that ever

What was the US's Domestic Policy during the 1950's?

The domestic policy of the United States in the 1950s was one ofmassive production. It was assumed that the nation was under threatfrom the Soviet Union, so production of weap

What is Mexico's policy on illegal immigration?

[inital answer removed by WikiAnswers Supervisor as a nonsense answer] Added: Until very recently it called for harsh criminal sanctions for anyone entering their country

How do you cash a 1940 penny policy?

my granny took out four penny insurance policies for each of her four daughters to mature when they reached 75 or died.my mother has now reached 75 and tried to find out what

Current us immigration policy?

1,000,000 people a year are allowed to come. They prioritize. Theybegin with family members of people who are already living here whohave government jobs.

What was the immigration policy of the 1800s?

In the US there was an immigration policy in 1798 but it was repealed within two years. In other words, there were no immigration policies until the Chinese Exclusion Act whic
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What was Britain's immigration policy?

Immigration to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland since 1922 [1] has been substantial, in particular from Ireland and the former colonies and other terr