What was the cost of groceries in 1776?

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Take the amount of dollars you spend on groceries now and divide that by the spot price of gold per ounce. Then multiply that amount by 20 ($20 an ounce of gold in 1776 more or less). So let's say you spent $4000 a year on goceries now, then the equivalent cost in 1776 would be $4000/$899 (spot gold price per ounce as of Jan 23 2009) = 4.44. Take 4.44 multiply by $20 = $88 per year for food in 1776. The higher cost of food now is soley due to the inflation of prices caused when the dollar went off the gold standard in 1932 or so during the FDR administration. Until that time, prices had been mostly stable for the past 100 years. Since then, prices have risen between 5% to 7% per year (on average) due to a paper fiat currency issued by the private bak called the Federal Reserve Bank.
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