What wiled animals can you keep as pets?

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first of all, its spelled wild. second, there are plenty of wild animals that you can have as pets. some of them are banned in certain states, and legal in others. for example, you may not be allowed to keep a raccoon in texas, but it might be legal in idaho. almost any wild animal can be kept as a pet, but you have to have a license, and to get a license you have to be at least 21 years of age. personally, i dont encourage keeping wild animals captive. its cruel and not in their nature. it can also be dangerous to the owner. hope this helps!
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What wild animals can you keep as pets?

You shouldn't keep any wild animal as a pet. If you find abandoned babies then call your local animal rescue, but make sure it has actually been abandoned by keeping an eye on

What animals can you keep as pets?

there are many different types of animals that you can keep as pets. most people stick with dogs or cats because they make wonderfull loving companions. you can also own pets

What unusual animals can you keep as a pet?

Well there are lots of interesting reptiles and amphibians around that you can keep as pets and will live for a while such as a tree frog, bearded dragon, snake or a turtle. Y

Should you keep animals as pets?

It depends on what kind of animal. If you keep it for more than a week and then let it back into the wild,the animal (if it is wild) could forget how to hunt and then shortly

Why to keep an animal as a pet?

Animals, such as some people are great companion's. They keep good company and help boost your energy. They are a big responsibility though. I would know because I have only g

Can you keep endangered animals as pets?

There are many people that keep endangered animals as pets, some legally and others illegally. So a license will be needed to keep one legally, and you will have to provide ev
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Why should you not keep animals as pets?

Because the animal may not be use to its new habitat. Even if you get it as a baby it won't recognise the place. 1. Because of the environment. 2. Because of the prey. And 3.
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Are animals safe to keep as pets?

Yes! In fact, many animals are kept as pets all across the globe. A few of the most common types are dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, horses, and