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What would be the people's attitude towards recycling of the domestic agricultural waste?

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Is recycling a waste of time?

no, because as a matter of fact it can reduce the garbages and trash found in our suorrounding and less expense if you recycle and reuse things again.

What is 'waste management recycling'?

The term "waste management recycling" refers to a set of services that incorporates diverting as much garbage as possible to be recycled. Plastic, paper, aluminum and glass ar

Is recycling the answer to problem of waste?

Recycling is just a partial problem solver we have to do follow some norms to stop this waste Recycling can help curb the problem of waste taking up physical space, but in man

How did the Enlightenment affect people's attitude towards political authority?

One of the results of the Enlightenment was that people began to  think for themselves. This resulted in many people questioning the  absolute authority they were used to li

What were ordinary people's attitudes towards highwaymen?

Firstly you have to forget the romanticised idea of a highwayman. They did not rob only from the rich. The real highwayman was simply an armed thug and the common people woul
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How are waste reduction and recycling accomplished?

Recycling is accomplished by first putting the objects that will be recycled into their certified bins. Secondly, they will be collected and brought totheir company. Finally t
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What do you call recycled waste water?

Recycling of water means to reuse the water which is already used after it is purified . Recycled water is used for irrigation and also in factories of paper, plastic ,metals