What year was Joseph Niepce born?

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Joseph Nicéphore Niépce was the inventor of photography. He was born March 7, 1765 in France.
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Who was Joseph Nicephore Niepce?

1814 Joseph Niepce achieves first photographic image with camera obscura - however, the image required eight hours of light exposure and later faded. go to this web link to find out more>>>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nic%C3%A9phore_Ni%C3%A9pce and http://www.rleggat.com/photohistory/history/niepce.htm

When was Joseph niepce born?

French inventor, Joseph Niepce, was born on March 7, 1765 andpassed away on July 5, 1833 at the age of 68. Niepce is creditedwith inventing photography as well as the first internal combustionengine.

Why did Joseph nicephore niepce make the camera?

\nNiepce didn't make the camera, he made the image-recording plate. \n. \nThe reason he made the plate is he bought a camera obscura, tried to use it and found out he couldn't draw, so he used technology to compensate for his shaky hand.

What early camera did Joseph-Nicéphore Niepce use?

The world's earliest known image created exclusively by the action of light was Joseph-Nicéphore Niepce's 1827 photograph of a tree, barn and building. Known as "The View from the Window at La Gras", the image was captured using a Camera Obscura, a device generally credited to Ibn al-Haytham (965-1039 AD). To create the photograph, Niepce focused an inverted image onto a light-sensitized pewter plate coated with a type of asphalt known as Bitumen of Judea. According to some estimates, this photograph required something between several hours and several days to expose.

Did Joseph Niepce invent the camera?

He developed the pinhole camera and the photographic process that started photography today. So he sort of invented the "modern" camera, but many people have contributed over the years to create different types of cameras. A man named "Alhazen" invented the first pinhole camera in the middle ages, Niepce just developed it. http://inventors.about.com/od/pstartinventions/a/stilphotography.htm