Whats wrong with you comeback?

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I guess I got infected with your family's BS when I "hung out" with your mom/dad
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Whats wrong with the computer eMachines?

\n. \n The Good and Bad \n. \n . I have found problems with them myself. I also found out they were made by Gateway. That is when I stopped having anything to do wit

Whats wrong with lawyer jokes?

Answer . Lawyers don't think they're funny and nobody else thinks they're jokes.. Answer . They're not as good as blonde jokes.

Whats wrong with the rainforest?

Deforestation. This is because people want to cut wood to make things like furniture and things like that. When they cut wood they are also destroying animal's habitats and th

Whats a good comeback?

There's a good way to answer bullies with comebacks, be reasonableand in a way complementary. Here are 10 comebacks. 1. You're a real expert at this. Congratulations. 2. It do

Whats wrong with roadkill?

A few things.. You don't know how long it's been dead. . You don't know if it was dead before it got run over. . If it is realllly messy, you don't know what it was when it

Whats wrong when your liver is swollen?

An enlarged liver can be a symptom of different disease, including,viral hepatitis, liver tumors, cirrhosis, nonalcoholic fatty liverdisease, and liver cancer. Some other cond

Whats wrong with fishing in Antarctica?

There's nothing 'wrong' with fishing anywhere. However, inAntarctic waters -- south of 60 degrees S -- it is forbidden by theAntarctic Treaty. Note that Antarctica is the name

My stomach is bloated whats wrong?

You should be seeking professional medical help right now as opposed to waiting for an answer here. Medical abnormalities require the expertise of a medical professional.

If your chest hurts whats wrong?

You could be growing boobs if your in the age of 9-16...or heartburn if your older. Yeah. Chest pain can be attributed to several things. Heart attack is the worst of the

Whats wrong with love?

nothing is wrong with love exept the accational fight with your lover and disagreements apart from that love is pritty much wonderful you just have to controll the speed,you d
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Can someone tell me whats wrong with me?

your a delusional freak that likes to undertake sexual intercouse with Chinese doctors. You also have 3 feet and no friends just like Casey Lynch
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Whats the comeback of all time?

your moms is so fat A jacket store would not let have an X jacket because helicopters would try to land on her back