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When an adult gains an extra 10 pounds of body weight how much of this weight is fat?

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7.5 lbs
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How much weight do you gain by eating one pound of Chocolate?

The typical chocolate has about 150 calories per ounce, so a pound  of it contains 150 x 16 = 2400 calories.   A pound (including a pound of fat) equals 454 grams. Each g

How does the body gain and lose weight?

Your gains weight through "calories". If you are going to be on a diet, you should stick to a 1200 - 1500 calorie diet and daily exercises. Though currently I'm on the heavier

Can the fats in salmon make you gain weight?

  Answer   Any source of calories, if consumed enough, can cause weight gain, but in general, fish oils are quite good for you and since fish has such a small amount

How many pounds can a adult pig weight?

Unlike many mammals, pigs will continue to grow until they die. Mature male boars can average between 500-800 pounds. Mature sows can range from about 400-700 pounds.

Body mass and weight gain growth in a Saint Bernard from pup to adult?

Feeding a St. Bernard need to be watched and observe how your dog develops physically, its exercise regime and habits, and manage your St. Bernards diet. If your breeding St B

How much weight will you gain consuming 7.5 pounds of sugar?

  There are far too many variables to answer this question. How fast is the sugar eaten? It is consumed over a one-week period? Over a month? A year? And what is the metab

How much fat in pounds is it if a person gains an extra 10 pounds?

Well, there is no standard procedure to measure how much muscle the person has built, so if we assume all the weight was fat weight, then the person would have gained 10 pound