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When can a police officer use deadly force?

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In the United States, a police officer is justified in using deadly force against another person when the other person is putting the officer's life, or the life of another citizen, in immediate danger of death or grave bodily harm.
When their or someone else's life is in immediate danger.
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When can you use deadly force in the state of California?

California Penal Code 197 states;    Homicide is also justifiable when committed by any person in  any of the following cases:  1. When resisting any attempt to

How do police officers use Geometry?

Many police diagrams are created and recorded using triangulation or base line mapping. Both require geometry.

What tools do police officer use?

I don't know all tools. A police officer's main tool is the computer but other tools include a patrol car, motorcycle, pistol and Taser....

How do police officers use math?

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Why do police officers use dogs?

because they can sniff out drugs or act as a theat to say he will bite u if u do try to pull something or if u run he will chase u and bite u

What weapons do police officers use?

police have been known to use tazers, hand guns, and shotguns The most common are 9mm pistols, knight sticks and tazers. I believe the Glock 9 is the most common firearm used

Deadly force use by police?

The use of deadly force by police is defined as "is the force which  a person uses, causingâ??or that a person knows, or should know,  would create a substantial risk of ca
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Can you use deadly force to protect your neighbors?

It depends on where you are, but in the United States, generally speaking, you can use deadly force to protect yourself and/or an innocent third party. So, in any situation wh

When can deadly force be used in Texas?

There is too much to this law to try to cover it all. You can use deadly force to stop certain crimes. Crimes against property: arson, burglary, robbery, aggravated robb