When did Burma become Myanmar?

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Burma officially became the Union of Myanmar in 1989 however the new name is not universally recognised.
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Is the government of Burma or Myanmar satisfactory?

No, because the government takes too much money from the people and they kill the people if they don't like them.. It is not a democratic government and the people don't have

Is Myanmar in Burma?

Myanmar is Burma. The country has two names, depending upon who is referring to the country. See the link. Best,

Military dictatorship in myanmar burma?

Myanmar is current run by a military dictatorship.

Did Myanmar become Burma?

According to wikipedia, Burma's official name is Union of Myanmar.. Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burma . Further information: However, Myanmar was originally known

Why do people call Myanmar Burma?

In the Burmese language Burma can be called either Myanmah or Bama. During British Colonial rule the country was called Burma in English. In 1989 the military Govt. officially

Is Burma now called Myanmar?

They both are called the same. Burma is the old British name and Myanmar is the native name

Why burma called Myanmar today?

It is one and the same thing. The area of Burma is part of the Union of Myanmar. It is located in an area called IndoChina and is bordered by China, Thailand and some other sm

Does Myanmar Burma have internet service?

Yes, if course Myanmar has internet service. It includes dial up, ADSL broadband, Wimax, Skynet and IP star. ADSL is widely used and speed is up to 2048 kbps. Mobile internet