When did England become known as England?

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England was first known as England at the time of Alfred the Great 871 AD to 924 AD. The English came to England as raiders in around 449 AD known by the Catholic Church as Adventus Saxonem or the Coming of the English. But it was not until Alfred The Great that the English started to form their own land. It was Alfreds Grandson - KIng Aethelstan who finally deafeated a combined army of Irish, Norse, Scots and Welsh at The battle of Brunanburgh in 937 AD. These initial English were a confederation of 3 Germainc Saxons Angles and Jutes. However, the people called themselves Anglisc (Angle-ish, Anglian) and the national identity was assumed under the heading Anglisc or Englisc, 'English'. The people gave their name to their territory, thus the Englisc gave their name to Englalond (England). Englisc was used from the time of Alfred the Great onwards to describe both in the sense of 'Englishman' and as meaning the 'English' language.
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