When did PS3 come out?

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Depends on the country. For the USA it was 17 Nov 2006 It was available for testers and game developers in special models as early as 2005.
See PS3 secrets in the related link.
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Where did the PS3 come from?

the ps3 was made by sony computer entertainment, which is based in japan. so most likely made in japan and then released to the world

What does the PS3 come with?

A controller, an A/V cable for standard TV, PlayStation membership, the PS3 console includes WiFi connection capability & power cord

Does a wireless router come with a PS3?

a ps3 does not come with a wireless router . It comes with the ability to connect to a wireless router or modem or with an ethernet cable. No other kind of internet connect

When was the PS3 coming out?

The Sony PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system was originally released in Japan on November 11th, 2006 . It was then released in North America On November 17th, 2006, a

What do you do if your PS3 games keep on coming out of the PS3?

First let me ask you this. Are any of your disk gone missing? If so then there might be a disk jammed in there or not. There also might be something really weird and i bet you
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Does the ps3 monitor come with the ps3?

No it does not. There is a PS3 monitor that is 3D and called the PlayStation 3D display and sells for $500 without the PS3. It connects to your PS3 system, cable TV box, and P
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Why did PS3 come out?

Why? Well, essentially, Sony wanted to compete with Microsoft. Video Games are big business, and Sony wanted to make money on selling the consoles. Spec wise, the Ps3 has six
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Why did the PS3 come out?

Because Sony wanted to make a "next generation" console to challange the Xbox360