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When did upper Egypt and lower Egypt become united?

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Upper and Lower Egypt were united c. 3000 B.C. by
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Explain what is meant by upper Egypt and lower Egypt?

Upper Egypt is basically the region of Egypt that is located on higher ground than Lower Egypt. In Upper Egypt, there are mountains and hills, while in Lower Egypt, the ground

How did Egypt become united?

King Narmer of Upper Egypt conquered Lower Egypt in 3100 B.C.E.

How did upper and lower Egypt get their names?

Upper Egypt is closer to the source of the Nile and Lower Egypt is closer to the discharge of the Nile.

Why is upper Egypt south of lower Egypt?

Because it is named that way according to the flow of the Nile: The Nile starts in the South (Upper Egypt) and ends in the North of Egypt (Lower Egypt, the Mediterranean Sea)

What were the capitals of upper and lower Egypt?

Before Menes married the princess of Lower Egypt, the capital of upper Egypt was Heirrakonpolh, and for lower Egypt was Heliopolis. After he unified the two kingdoms, the capi

Who united Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt?

King Menes (a.k.a.) Narmer of Egypt united the thus stating the  first dynasty of pharaohs in Egypt in about 3150 B.C.E. He was the  first one to wear the double crown which

Who is the pharaoh that united upper Egypt and lower Egypt?

The first pharaoh to have united the "two lands" of Upper and Lower Egypt was said to have been King Narmer in 3000 b.c. Thereafter the pharaoh of Egypt was represented wearin
In Egypt

Why did Egypt split into Upper and lower Egypt?

Egypt never split, it actually combined. Pre-dynasty Egypt had many many tribes fighting for dominance. Eventually only two tribes were left. The tribe in Upper Egypt and the