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When did upper Egypt and lower Egypt become united?

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Upper and Lower Egypt were united c. 3000 B.C. by
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In Egypt

What is there in Egypt?

Pyramids and tombs. Also, there is the famous Nile River that provided rich soil for the ancient Egyptians. Plus, there are probably historical sites to look at. ------------- (MORE)

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Where is Egypt?

1. Egypt is a country in northern Africa, extending south from the  Mediterranean Sea. Its capital city, Cairo, is near 30N latitude,  31E longitude.    2. It is one (MORE)

Women's Rights in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is remarkable among other ancient societies for all the legal rights women had that were unheard of in other cultures until the modern era. (MORE)

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What is Egypt?

Egypt of a country in the middle east. Egypt is a country located in the Middle East , specifically in North Africa . it is considered to be a major power in North Africa . I (MORE)

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Why is northern Egypt called lower Egypt?

The Nile River, which runs the length of Egypt, flows south to north; hence, lower Egypt, in the north, is where the "lower" Nile flows.

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How do you get to Egypt?

There are many ways to get there such as crossing the pacific ocean and many countries like lybia and so on(and btw if you mean transportatio you can get there by umm. an AIRP (MORE)

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What can you do in Egypt?

  Depends where you go but there are so many historic/ancient places to visit and admire as well as sea(s). The following links may give you some ideas: http://thesalmon (MORE)