When do you receive the second half of an army enlistment bonus?

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Typically you'll receive the second half after your 3 year enlistment anniversary.
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What was the bonus army?

In 1924 Congress voted to give WW I veterans a bonus, but not to be paid until 1945. In 1932 the US experienced a period of depression. As a result about 15,000-20000 vets dec

How do you enlist for the army?

It depends which country you live in and where you have citizenship. But if you're a US citizen, residing in the US, you can get a lot of information about enlisting in the ar

Enlist in the army?

Steady dependable pay; retire after only 20 years. NO JOB IN THE USA OFFERS THAT!

When you enlist in the army when do you get your signing bonus?

When you complete all training requirements YOU choose within you contract, report and in process to your first duty assignment you will then receive your signing bonus. At th

When will you receive your army sign on bonus?

You will receive a portion of it after you complete basic/ait. Say your getting a 40,000 dollar sign on bonus, after you complete basic training and AIT (advanced individual t

How much enlistment bonus join the military?

An enlistment bonus for the US Army can be up to $40,000.00.However the bonuses are dependent upon the individual scoring overa 50 on the ASVAB and only certain jobs offer a b

How do you get enlistment bonus?

Talk to your recruiter and enlist in one of the US military services. You must score over a 50 on the ASVAB just to qualify for a bonus, then your ASVAB scores must be able
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