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The Amazon River is in Soutrh America.
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What is the Amazon?

The Amazon is a river in South America. It is also the name of the region that the Amazon river and its tributaries flow through. The Amazon is a big rainforest. An Amazon co

Who were the Amazons?

Amazons (Androktones): Race of warrior women in Greek mythology that lived in Scythia, near the Black Sea, or in Pontus, in Asia Minor. The Amazons were reputed to cut off or

What is Amazon?

Amazon is an e-commerce site that allows the consumer to buy almostany product imaginable.

What is the Amazon for?

It is a huge river, a vital ecosystem ( the old term was natural habitat ) and if that is not enough- and many parts are unexplored- it is the largest tropical Rain forest or

When did Amazon start?

Amazon is a online shopping site like ebay. It started in year  1998.

How are you destroying the Amazon?

Nobody's destroying the Amazon. That's a river and would take some destroying! What is being destroyed is the Amazon rainforest. This results in a loss of habitat for the crea