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When is Father's Day in Malaysia?

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Unofficially, the Third Sunday in June Father's Day in Malaysia is not an official holiday, but it is customary to observe it on the third Sunday of June.

In 2011, Father's Day is on Sunday, June 19.
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What day is Father's Day?

In the US, Canada and U.K, Father's Day is celebrated on third  Sunday of June.   The date obviously changes every year and any good calendar will  have the third Sunday

What is Father's Day for?

  Father's day is to honor the father and everything that our father's have offered us, we therefore respect this holiday buy buying cakes, pasta, meatballs etc... However

Why do you have Father's Day?

Why do we have a fathers day it is a good question. We have fathers day to celebrate out dad's being dad's. You start having fathers day when the first child/sister/brother

Why we have father's day?

We have Father's day to celebrate our father's and all that they have done for us! It shows that we appreciate them and love them with all of our heart!

What can you do for Father's Day?

I would recommend a subscription to the Second Half Playbook. It is a website designed for dads and brings the best of the internet to them. It has over 400 news sources, game

What happen in Malaysia before the Malaysia Day?

Nothing happern, just west malaysia celebrate independent day for each year 31st August since 1957, east malaysia just join the federal on 16 Nov 1963, now every 16 nov we cel