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When is w a vowel?

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"W" is a vowel in the very few words borrowed from Welsh. Two of these are "cwm", which is a special type of valley, and "cwr", which is a type of train tracks made from single long rails rather than a bunch of short ones put together.
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 The above is not the only way in which w is used as a vowel. W is also used in diphthongs at the end of words, ie., how, row, low, bow, etc. In these instances, it is serving the purpose of a vowel. The letters l, m, n, and r, can also be used in this manner, ie., bottle, bottom, button, and butter.

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Can you give an example of W used as a vowel?

  There is a Welsh musical instrument called the "crwth". Some say it should not be used as a word containing w as a vowel because it is not an English word, but it appear

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One word is "cwm", and another is "crwth". Cwm is a basin at the bottom of a mountain. Crwth is an ancient Celtic musical instrument.   W as a vowel in Welsh The Welsh l

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The Welsh word crwth, borrowed directly without Anglicised spelling, sometimes appears in English dictionaries. In proper English, w is a vowel only when combined with another

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What word uses W as a vowel?

Many words have W for a vowel, such as awe, bow, cow, dew, ewe, few gew-gaw, hew, jaw, known, lawn, maw, now, owe, pew, raw, sew, tow, vow, wow and yawn. However, in these cas

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