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"W" is a vowel in the very few words borrowed from Welsh. Two of these are "cwm", which is a special type of valley, and "cwr", which is a type of train tracks made from single long rails rather than a bunch of short ones put together.
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 The above is not the only way in which w is used as a vowel. W is also used in diphthongs at the end of words, ie., how, row, low, bow, etc. In these instances, it is serving the purpose of a vowel. The letters l, m, n, and r, can also be used in this manner, ie., bottle, bottom, button, and butter.

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What are vowels?

A E I O U Are the vowels And sometimes the letter Y is a vowel, such as my, any

Is w a vowel?

W is a vowel sometimes, as is Y. There are words in Welsh that useonly a W. An example would be the word tow. Without the W the O would not belong. This illustrates that the W is forming a diphthong, whichmirrors the use of the letter U from which it developed. After avowel, W is considered as a vo (MORE)

What word uses W as a vowel?

Many words have W for a vowel, such as awe, bow, cow, dew, ewe, few gew-gaw, hew, jaw, known, lawn, maw, now, owe, pew, raw, sew, tow, vow, wow and yawn. However, in these cases, the W is only technically a vowel, because it contributes a vowel sound, as would the letter U, from which it originates (MORE)

What word has only w as a vowel?

One word is " cwm ", and another is " crwth ". Cwm is a basin at the bottom of a mountain. Crwth is an ancient Celtic musical instrument. W as a vowel in Welsh The Welsh language uses "w" as a vowel with a sound somewhere between the "oo" in "book" and the "u" in "buck", so other words bor (MORE)

Is W a vowel in the English language?

No, it isn't. no actually I seem to recall a geological term of Scandinavian derivation GWM refering to a glacial lake. You may be thinking of an acronym. GWM can stand for Ground Water Management or Monitoring. You may be right, but a hasty search doesn't support it. But the word cwm (pronounced c (MORE)

Is Y a vowel?

Since English is a difficult language, y is only sometimes a vowel.It depends on how the y is being used. Y is a vowel when makes a syllable or completes a diphthong. Y is a vowel in the words rhythm, system, syllable, mystery, andcyst. Here it takes the place of the vowels E and I. In the word"bo (MORE)

Can you give an example of W used as a vowel?

There is a Welsh musical instrument called the "crwth". Some say it should not be used as a word containing w as a vowel because it is not an English word, but it appears in every English dictionary I have ever checked.

What is a vowel sound?

A vowel sound is an exhalation of air where a sound is produced in the larynx (voicebox) rather than being shaped by the nose and mouth (tongue, lips, teeth). It is possible to say all of the long and short vowel sounds, and some of the special sounds, with a completely open mouth: Long sounds (MORE)

What is vowel?

There are mainly 5 vowels. A, E, I, O, U. In every English word, there is at least one vowel. However, sometimes "y" is used as a vowel like in the word "gym".

What word has w for a vowel?

There are two words in English that use w alone as a vowel. They were brought into English in the 1830s to ease the suffering due to shortfalls in production in the vowel mines of Scrabbleton, PA. Cwm ("koom")and crwth ("krooth") are Welsh in origin. A cwm is a valley, or more specifically, a steep (MORE)

What is the vowel?

\nA, E, O, U, I, and sometimes Y, but only if it is the only vowel in a word or if it is next to another vowel.

Is the letter w used as a vowel?

no.. its only a e i o u and SOMETIMES y.. sorry [:. Actually, w can be a vowel. The full mnemonic is "A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y and W". A word commonly used to illustrate w being a vowel is crwth .

Is the letter w in the word withdrawal a vowel?

\nNo a W is never a vowel. The only vowels are A,E,I,O,U and sometimes Y. no, there are only five vowels in the English alphabet: A, E, I, O, U; once in a while though we use Y as a vowel as in the word FLY

Are the letters w and y ever vowels and why are they?

y is only sometimes a vowel. w is a consenent W is a vowel sometimes, as is Y. There are words in Welsh that use only a W. An example would be the word tow. Without the W the O would not be long. This illustrates that the W is forming a diphthong, which mirrors the use of the letter U from which i (MORE)

When is a vowel said to be a long vowel?

Some "long" vowels "say their name." examples: . ape (long a) . evil (long E) . ice (long I) . over (long O) . use (long U) Some long U vowels do not "say their name," for example the long U in dune or flute,and the long U (OO) of choose and lose.

W is an vowel?

In native English words W is always a consonant. But in some words borrowed from languages where W is a vowel (there are many) W can be a vowel in English. Cwm: a shallow valley Crwth : a medieval fiddle Twp : feebleminded (all borrowings from Welsh).

What words in English use w as a vowel?

In English words, the w is vocalic when part of the diphthongs -aw, -ew and -ow, as for example in raw, hew and cow. The Welsh word crwth occasionally appears in English musical texts, but it is not really an English word.

Is the letter w a vowel?

W is a vowel sometimes, as is Y. There are words in Welsh that use only a W. An example would be the word tow. Without the W the O would not be long. This illustrates that the W is forming a diphthong, which mirrors the use of the letter U from which it developed. After a vowel, W is considered as (MORE)

Are y and w vowels?

"Y" is only sometimes a vowel, for example in thyme, rhyme, or synthesis. For the use of "W" as a vowel, see the related question link below.

What are the vowels of courtesy?

The word "courtesy" (KUR-tih-see, alternately KUR-tuh-see) containsfour vowels: one vowel pair (OU, caret U sound, uhr) one E (short i sound, ih -- or schwa sound, uh) one ending Y (long E sound, ee)

What word has w as the only vowel?

The Welsh word crwth, borrowed directly without Anglicised spelling, sometimes appears in English dictionaries. In proper English, w is a vowel only when combined with another vowel, as a diphthong such as how or in words like yawn.

When is w used for a vowel?

In English words, W is a vowel in the diphthongs aw, ow and ew . There may be some Welsh words borrowed directly into English, most notably crwth ("crooth") , in which W is the only vowel.

What is the five vowels?

In British English the five vowels are: a, e, i, o, u. Nearly every word in the English language has one of these five letters in them. The letter 'y' is sometimes unofficially considered as a 6th vowel as this is in many of the few words which don't have vowels in them, such as: Sky, Cry and Dry. (MORE)

What are the vowels and semi-vowels in English?

The standard vowels are A, E, I , O, and U. The semi-vowels are Y and W. The Y takes the place of a vowel, typically I as in the words by, myth, and rhythm. The W forms the diphthong sound ou/ow in words such as how and cow, where the O loses its O sound. In other ow words, the W can be considere (MORE)

What is a consanant vowel?

A consonant is a letter in the alphabet other than a vowel. A vowel is English is a, e, i, o, u (and sometimes w and y).

How is w a vowel?

W is a vowel in certain English diphthongs, for example bow ( ba-oo ) or cow ( ca-oo ).

When is a vowel short?

A "short vowel" does not have the same sound as the letter itself, whereas the "long vowel" does. Examples : Short A (ah) - bat, cat / Long A (ay) - baby, cane Short E (eh) - bed, desk / Long E (ee) - scenic, remain Short I (ih) - bid, knit / Long I (eye) - sign, night Short O (ah, aw) - (MORE)

What word has eleven letter four vowels and begins with the letter W?

Pick whichever examples you like from the following list: wackinesses, wageworkers, waggishness, wainscoting, wainscotted, wainwrights, waistcoated, waitpersons, waitressing, wakefulness, wallflowers, wallpapered, wampumpeags, wanderlusts, wardenships, warehousers, warehousing, warlordisms, warmhea (MORE)

Is y a vowel and how?

Yes, y can be a vowel when it appears in words such as why, cry, try, baby, and others. The English language mandates at least one vowel per syllable, so y is occasionally counted as a vowel. Yes, sometimes. 'Y' is a vowel when it makes the 'E' sound, such as 'candy' 'Y' is a vowel there. It is a co (MORE)

When is the w counted as a vowel?

In English spelling, the 'y' and 'w' are sometimes used as vowels, known as approximants. One example is the word 'few'. This is because it appears after another vowel, becoming a part of a diphthong. Please see the related link(s) below for more information:

Are vowel sounds the same as vowels?

No. Every vowel can have more than one sound, depending on the spelling of the word and its historical source. For example, the letter E can have a long sound (ee), a short sound (eh), an R-influenced sound (ir), and a schwa sound (unstressed eh or uh). Or it can be silent, which may influence th (MORE)

Is icicles vowel or consonant vowel?

"icicles" is: vowel, consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant. Or VCVCCVC. If that's even what you mean. There are words referred to as "consonant, vowel, consonant" words, but they are always three letters long. A "consonant vowel" word would only be two letter long, like : be. So (MORE)