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The answer will depend on the type of fence you have erected and your personal taste.

The most common reason for staining a fence is two-fold, esthetics (the look of the thing) and preservation (stain helps to extend the life of some types of wood).

For un-treated wood (except cedar) you can and in most areas should stain your fence immediately you finish putting it up.
Semi-transparency or solid, latex/acrylic or oil based stains all work and have various pros and cons.

For cedar fences, personal taste is your best guide. This is one of the woods where preservation is less needed. Teak and cypress being two others (but the prices for these can be prohibitive).
Good cedar will "silver" within a year or two, depending on your area, and the amount of "weather" you experience. If you like the look of silvered cedar, it is completely un-necessary to do anything but wait.
If, however, you do not like the "silvered" look, the fence will need to be stained, usually after the first year.

Pressure treated wood should be allowed to weather a bit before staining. It usually comes with a bit of colour from the chemicals used in the process, so it is best to let that fade, particularly if you are using a semi-transparent stain.
Depending on your area and the amount of "weather" you get this will take anywhere from 2 months to a year.
Once the wood has started to grey give it a good cleaning, allow to dry and apply your stain.
If you are using a solid stain, the timing is less important, you can usually paint it with a solid stain within weeks of finishing your project.
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If you have painted the neighbor's side of a wood fence can the neighbor make you replace it with a new wood fence?

Perhaps you have mixed up your words in your question. It makes sense if read as, "If you painted your side of your neighbor's wood fence can the neighbor make you replace it with a new wood fence?" If that is the case, you had no right to paint your neighbor's fence without their permission and the answer to your question is they can sue you in court for damaging their property. If they sue you in court and prevail, they have the right to be restored to the position they were in before you damaged their property. If the fence is new the court may award enough damages to cover a new fence. If the fence is older, the court may pro-rate the value. While your neighbor cannot make you replace the fence, the court can and you may have the added burden of legal expenses. You should try to negotiate a friendly agreement to resolve the issue either by repainting the fence to please your neighbor or perhaps offering to share the cost of a new fence. As a lifetime lesson, it is more prudent to let the neighbor know your intentions, even if it is your side of the fence, or if you think you are doing them a favor.

Can a neighbor refuse to allow their existing fence to be joined by a new one on the adjacent property?

Yes, they can refuse. The fence is their property, so you must have permission to join their fence to yours. If not, you can build to the edge of your property line, leaving a gap between the two. . You can have your property surveyed to determine your exact property line, and if their fence is on the line you can connect at those points only. You can also make them remove the fence if it's on your property.

Do you have to varnish new furniture or is stain enough?

Answer . New unfinished furniture can be finished many ways. the answer your question will be determined by how you want the furniture to look, how much protection will the wood need against weather exposure ( indoors or outdoors) and how much time you are willing to put into the finish work. Stain by itself usually will not be enough unless the product you choose is a finish that has stain included in the mix.

If you erect a new fence owned by you do you have to face the good side to your neighbors?

Simply no you do not have any legal responsibilities regarding your new garden fence but make sure that it is actually in your garden you can check this by looking where the supporting posts are as they must be on your ground and if they face your neighbours garden you may need to move the fence in a little bit otherwise they could take it down if the posts are on their land so the answer is no as long as the supporting posts are on your own ground then you can look at the pretty side of your fence.

What is fencing?

Fencing is a sport in which two opponents wield swords against one another while heavily protected. Their goal is to touch or poke the other person with their blade.

What is a stain?

A stain is a discoloration that distinguishes itself from the material on which it is found. It can be unintentional, in the case of domestic stains on fabric, cloth, or other material, or it can be intentional.

How do you measure a fence for staining?

Because wooden fence will suck in the stain, you need to estimatemore than the actual surface of the fence. You do not need toaccount the spaces inbetween the planks, as that´s your reserve,the wood will suck in as much. So basically you manage just by measuring the length of the fencetimes the height of the fence and doubling that value (you want tostain both sides, yes?) Depending on the darkness you want and the dryness (suckingcapacity) of the wood you might even need to double or quadruplethat. You can calculate the EXACT surface area of the fence, if you want.But practice has taught me you will end up buying too little of thestain that way. But for the curiosity sake, here's the formula: spaces = measure one gap (height x width) and multiply it for thehow many there are actual surface area = ( (entire lenght of the fence - spaces) x(entire height of the fence) X ( thickness of the plank) ) X 2 If you have separate runners, support beams or decorations, youneed to measure them same way and add to the above. It is enoughyou measure one and then multiply the result by 2 (both sides!) andthen by the amount how many there is. Because the suction of the stain, you need to multiple this resultat least by 1.5. Read the instructions on your stain jar. But, as I said, a rough estimate really is enough. Remember, it is better to buy a lot excess at the beginning than goback mid-way your work. If the stain is factory made, the shade-might- be the same. But usually a big jar shop-mixed stain is notthe same color as a small container that has been made with thesame mixing formula. The formula has been made for largequantities, so the shade will not be the same in smaller measures.So, if you want your fence one-colored, plan ahead!

Can a neighbor remove our wire fence to put up a new cedar privacy fence even though our fence has been there over thirty years and even if the survey says our fence is 8 inches into their property?

Absolutely not! The property line is where the fence is due to the legal doctrines of adverse possession and mutual acquiescence. You need to see a real estate attorney in your area ASAP to prevent the fence from being removed and to assert your rights. Even if the fence has been removed, you can likely still get justice. The link below will give you a basic understanding of adverse possession, which will be supplemented by the advise of your attorney.

When can I paint or stain a new deck?

Don't paint it when your weather is very hot or very windy. The paint will crack or blister. The wind could blow dust or smething else onto the paint. You can stain it any time. I probably wouldn't stain it if the weather forecast says it will rain tomorrow. Whichever method you select, make sure the deck is clean and dust-free.

How do you get stains out?

Removing stains depends greatly on what type of stain and what is stained. The first step in removing any stain is lifting as much as possible from the surface, whether that means blotting a liquid or scraping wax. Then you follow different steps depending on whether the stained item can be laundered and what caused the stain. A general rule of thumb for laundry is to use a commercial pretreatment and rinse the stain before you put it in the washing machine.

Can a person use motor oil to stain a fence?

Yes I buy 1 quart cans of pigment from our local hardware store and mix 5 gallons of used motor oil with half a can of pigment. The resulting paint rolls, spray or brushes on great but takes about a month to soak into the wood. Recommended only for use on unpainted wood since motor oil, by design, virtually never dries but will soak into bare or stained wood.

How do you do fencing?

Fencing is a sport of three different types, or styles of fighting: Saber, Epee, and Foil. These three different styles have different target areas, rules, and ways of getting a touch (a point). Saber: Target Area: The torso, mask, and arms. Way of Scoring: You can get a touch by slashing your weapon on your opponent. Weapon: A saber sword is usually the sword you see in movies or plays. It has a bellguard, which curves around to connect to the grip. Epee: Target Area: The whole body, and yes, including the shoes. Way of Scoring: You can get a touch by stabbing your opponent. Weapon: An epee sword is noticeably heavier than any other sword. It is basically a saber sword, with a larger bellguard and, of course, heavier. Foil: Target Area: The torso, excluding the arms and mask. Way of Scoring: You can get a touch by stabbing your opponent. Weapon: A foil blade is just a bell guard and grip. If you can imagine a sword (with a fencing blade), and a bell guard instead of the hilt, this is a close image of a foil sword. The grip can either be a pistol grip or french grip. This is the weapon I favor, and my personal favorite weapon is a Belgian-grip Foil.

You just moved in a new house When you were building your fence they found out that your neighbor has built there fence 5 feet in your property What should you do?

First of all if your neighbor built a fence why in the world would you want to waste the money and materials to put up another one? Technically you can have him remove it and put it on his property or you could sell him the 5 ft, of land. The thing I would do is to let him keep the fence where it is with the understanding thatit belongs to you now and if ever the fence has to be replaced it is to be put where it belongs.. Another view When you bought your new house you may have used a lawyer to do the necessary legal stuff for you, to ensure you know exactly what land you own and to ensure that you have full legal title to it.. So don't discuss this with your neighbor until you have asked your lawyer for advice!

How do you get a stain out?

This depend on the stain. Some stains come out in hot water, while others are made worse by hot water. The general method for stain removal is to pretreat the stain and then wash it.

How do you stain a new wooden deck?

It's not that hard. The steps are basically: 1) Clean it really well 2) "paint" it with stain That said, stain is a bit harder to work with than paint, and a bad job will mean that your deck deteriorates more quickly, so you might want to leave it to someone who's done it before. That doesn't have to mean it will be super expensive though. There are a lot of college students out there who spent their high-school summers staining decks and would be happy to do it for $10-15/hour. If you don't know any, try posting a Mission on agentanything.com. Just call it "stain my deck," describe what you want done, and offer a price or accept offers from students. The students know that if you're not happy with the job, you don't have to pay, so they won't accept the Mission unless they know what they're doing.

What is a fence?

its like a gate, look up a picyure on google. Fencing is a sport where you fight your opponent with a sword . A fence is a physical representation of the legal boundaries of adjoining properties. Robert Frost (appointed Poet Laureate of the United States by John F. Kennedy) famously wrote, 'Good fences make good neighbors'.

How do you fence?

You will need the following equipment to fence: 1. A chest protector, usually made of plastic; 2. a foil, epee, or saber (the difference is in the size of the weapons and the target areas) 3. a fencing mask 4. a glove for your dominant hand 5. a white jacket 6. an underarm protector and if you are fencing electric, as opposed to 'dry' - 7. a body cord, and 8. a lamé Begin with your feet at a 90˚ angle to each other with your dominant foot pointed forwards (if you are left-handed, your left foot should be forward; right-handed, right foot). To begin a bout, put your heels together and point your weapon at the opponent and then into the air. This is called a salute. Here are several of the basic moves used in fencing: ON GUARD POSITION This is the position generally used when not advancing, retreating, or lunging. Put your dominant foot pointed forwards and the other foot at a 90˚ angle to it. Your dominant hand will be holding the foil and your other hand will be raised in the air above your shoulder. Bringing the hand forward in front of the chest is covering target area; it is discouraged and can lead to painful results if you are hit in the hand with an opponent's weapon! ADVANCING This is fairly simple. Bring the front foot forward (this is the one that is pointed forwards) and then the back foot to follow it. They should come no closer than shoulder-width. Try not to shuffle. RETREATING This follows about the same pattern as advancing, except this time you should bring your back foot backwards and the front foot should follow. Again, keep your feet shoulder-width apart. LUNGING Begin by extending your sword arm. Bring your front foot forwards to reach towards the opponent. The back foot should not move. As you bring your front foot forwards, bring the back arm down so that it is parallel to the body. To recover from the lunge, bend the arms once again, then bend your front foot and bring it back to the starting position. These are the basic principles of fencing.

Do you need a permit to build a fence in Queens New York?

Fences The Department of Buildings doesn't require property owners to hire an architect or engineer, provide design plans or have a work permit to install a fence. Homeowners may install their own fencing - but if you're hiring someone to do it be sure it's a home improvement contractor licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs. Use DCA's Instant License Check at nyc.gov/consumers. In addition, the Landmarks Preservation Commission must give approval and/or issue permits for work on landmarked properties. Visit nyc.gov/landmarks. Residential and commercial fences for privacy are typically made of wood, plastic, brick or chain link. The NYC Building Code generally allows a maximum fence height of 10 feet, and the NYC Zoning Resolution outlines additional height limits: • Residential Districts: 6 feet, BC §3111.1 • Residential Front Yard Fences: 4 feet, ZR §23-44 • Residential Side of Corner Lot: 6 feet, ZR §23-44

Do you need a fence in New Albany Indiana for a pool?

Pool Fencing Laws . Laws pertaining to the fencing of a pool area differ depending upon the type of pool you have and which county you live in. Certain cities and towns have additional requirements for pools in their jurisdictions. However, all pools---whether above or below ground---need to be fenced in with a proper latching system. An in-ground pool must have a fence around every side. Most ordinances require the fence to be at least six feet high. If your pool is above ground, you have two options. Option one is to have a ladder that detaches from the pool platform when not in use. Option two is to have a fence at least six feet high around the ladder leading to the platform..

Does New Jersey have pool fencing laws?

Yes certain townships have different requirements. When I installed my above ground pool I wqas required to have a minimun 4 ft. high fence with a locking gate to assure that no little children can access the pool. At my mom's house we were required to install an 8ft stockade fence because she had an in ground pool. My sugestion would be to call the township in which you live and ask for code enforcment. They should be able to give you all the information that your going to need. Also be sure to ask if you need a permit.

What is the fastest way to stain a fence?

The fastest way to stain a fence is to have a group of people do it. I helped stain a fence this morning and we had four people. It took us four hours using paint brushes, sprayers, and rollers. I would get a sprayer that sprays an even coat.

How much does a new 200 foot fence cost?

This would depend entirely on the type of fence you are considering and whether you would install it yourself or have someone do it for you. Also, where you are located is important because building materials and labor rates vary quite a lot by region. Finally, is there an old fence to remove? Labor and dump costs are considerable in densely populated areas, but much less so out in the wide open spaces. 60 feet of nicely done 6' height wood fence with new posts, installed, and some related concrete work cost me $1500 last year. That's $25 per foot. Chain-link, cement block, split rail, wood picket, etc., are all priced very differently.

How do you stain new wood to match old wood?

Try to determine what the color is and get stain just slightly lighter. Newer wood is often softer than it used to be so it absorbs more color. Apply 1 coat and compare it to the old. You can put another coat on or let it sit longer to make it darker. The type of finish will affect it also. Depending on what you use, it will darken the finished board just a little bit.

Who is legally responsible if a tree falls on a neighbor's fence in New York?

Your own homeowners insurance policy covers you if a tree falls or is blown into your property. This is what is known as an "Act of Nature". Trees do fall and sometimes die. It does not matter if the tree fell form a neighbors yard or a neighboring National Forest or if it blew in from 5 blocks down the street. You can not require your neighbor to pay unless you could somehow prove that he was intentionally responsible for your damage. By the Same token if a tree fell down or was blown from your property onto your neighbors property the same rule would apply, His policy would cover damage and he would pay his deductible. Natural Acts do occur everyday around the world. In the United States, the rules of liability were set down in legal precedent many years ago in relation to this type of loss.

Can a dirt road be blocked with a fence by new owner?

Absolutely not. The title examination performed prior to the purchase of the property will have revealed anyone who has the right to use the road. Also, the public may have acquired rights in the road. The owner of the underlying land cannot block the road unless they are certain no one has the right to use it. The new owner must consult with an attorney, preferably the one who represented her when the property was purchased. The new owner purchased the land subject to any rights in the property that exist.

How do you get grass stains off of new shoes?

There are several methods to use to remove grass stains off of new shoes such as laundry detergent, water and vinegar as well as stain remover products. Read the directions completely prior to use.

Can a new owner tear down privacy fence?

If the fence is on their property and is not subject to any agreement in writing, recorded in the land records, requiring it to remain a permanent fixture- yes. If the fence is on their property and is not subject to any agreement in writing, recorded in the land records, requiring it to remain a permanent fixture- yes. If the fence is on their property and is not subject to any agreement in writing, recorded in the land records, requiring it to remain a permanent fixture- yes. If the fence is on their property and is not subject to any agreement in writing, recorded in the land records, requiring it to remain a permanent fixture- yes.

Why do you say you recommend to wait after a year to paint stain a cedar fence?

Often, it is recommended that you wait a year to paint a wood fence to allow time for it to weather to the point where all the tannin, or in the case of pressure treated wood, all the chemicals have leeched from the wood. There are stains made to go over unweathered wood, and you can paint the fence with 100% acrylic paint or solid stain before it's weathered, but you may see tannin or chemical staining over time and it will take longer for the leeching to complete. I wouldn't recommend using oil based primer, paints or stains because they could peel off over time when coating unweathered woods. Woods that don't leech tannin, like pine, oak and spruce can be primed and painted immediately.

Can a neighbor put up a new fence on your property?

If a neighbor wanted to install a fence the fence has to be on the neighbors property entirely. Not half the fence on your side and half on the neighbors side. There are also zoning regulations that deal with issues like this. Some counties will not allow a fence to be over five feet tall and they have to be constructed using only approved materials. I know that in my neighborhood metal fences are against code and they can only be constructed using fence block. If I were you I would call the city planning office and ask them, they will have a definitive answer. Who knows, maybe the fence was put up without the proper permits and your neighbor has to take the entire thing down.

Is electric horse fencing new?

Yes and no, Electric wire fencing has been around since roughly the 1930's for use with livestock. However the newer varieties of 'hot rope' and 'electric tape' fencing has been around for only a few years in comparison.

Why you do staining?

Staining is done to help determine what the sample is. It makes it visible under a microscope and it gives some information about the structure of the cell. A positive Gram stain means that the cell has a thick peptidoglycan layer.

How can I get rid of the stains of eye mascara from new dress?

It is difficult to remove cosmetic stains from clothes due to itsdark and oily nature, but now days there are some great productsthat will not let you know that there was a stain on your dress.Just apply the stain remover directly to the stained area and leaveit for 5 five minutes. Thereafter, wash it normally.