When was Google Earth created?

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October 2004 google earth was created.
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What does Google Earth do?

Google Earth can view street view & satellite imagery, oceans, 3D buildings, various locations, and save places as bookmarks/favorites (such as places you've visited or places

What is Google Earth?

Google Earth allows you to explore planet Earth like neverbefore, letting you see the world's geography including land massesand formations, countries and cities and so much m

How do you get Google Earth?

Google Earth can be downloaded from Google. See related links section below. If can't find URL in related linksthen enter: "download google earth" in a search engine and clic

What company created Google Earth?

It was not originally created by Google. It was created by another guy, and I am not sure how to pronounce or spell his name. It's something like Jaans or Yaans, he is Danish.

How do you get to Google Earth?

By taking the google spaceship from google mars. Kidding aside, you can either visit the google earth web page to download & install Google Earth desktop client or simply i

What is googl earth?

Google earth is a thing where you can look at places all over the globe. If you want to go on something similar to Google earth go on Google.com and click maps and if yo

Who created Google Earth?

Google Earth was originally called the Keyhole Viewer, which was created by a group of developers at a company called Keyhole that was acquired by Google in 2004.

Why is the earth black in Google Earth?

There are a number of causes of graphical issues in Google Earth. In some cases you just need to clear your local cache and restartGoogle Earth. Another workaround to switch

What is Google Earth and Google Maps?

Google Earth is a 3D earth viewer (run as desktop or mobile application) and Google Maps is a web-based 2-D map viewer with street and satellite views. For desktop platforms

How do you get into Google Earth?

Download Google Earth at earth.google.com. Then you can install it, and start using it right away.

Is Google Earth part of Google?

yes, Google Earth is a Google product with both a free and commercial/enterprise version.

What website from Google is Google Earth?

Some websites use the Google Earth plugin and visiting such awebsite would prompt you to download the plugin from Google if youdon't already have Google Earth plugin installed

What does Google describes Google Earth as?

Google describes Google Earth as a tool " allowing you to travel the world through a virtual globe and view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, and much more. "