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Imagery Updates

Google Earth imagery updates usually happen about every 2-3 weeks but the updates are not to the entire globe but to cities and regional areas often in multiple countries. Google provides a KML feed to show where the updates are located and also has a notification service to receive alerts when your selected areas have been updated. See related question for details.

Google Earth Software Updates

Google Earth software is usually updated several times a year with a major update (e.g. 6.2 -> 7.0) about once per year.
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When was Google last updated?

Google updates its search system a couple times a year if not more, and its other services are also updated during every year. Check Google's website for information on the la

When will Google Earth update their pictures for Guatemala?

Google never lets on when it will update an area. You can, however, subscribe to e-mail notifications via Google's new 'Follow Your World' app to receive e-mail when the area

How do you update a Google Earth image?

You can't update these yourself, but they are updated by Google every 1-3 years. You can, however, add your own content (placemarks, image overays, etc.) to Google Earth or

How often is Google Earth weather updated?

Weather data typically updated near real-time on the order of every few hours. The clouds layer are actually taken from weather satellites and are a global picture of the c

How can you get Google Earth updates?

There are three ways to find out about imagery updates in Google Earth and Google Maps: . You can signup with Google using a new service called ' Follow Your World ' to g

How do you update Google Earth?

As for updating the Google Earth application Google does some auto-updates if that feature is enabled. Best to simply download the latest version from Google's web site and it

When was Google Maps last updated?

On January 23, 2006 , Google Maps was updated to use the samesatellite image database as Google Earth. On March 12, 2006 , Google Mars was launched, which features adraggabl

When do they update Google earth?

Google Earth imagery is updated every 2-3 weeks. See related question for more details.

What month does Google Earth get updated?

New Google Earth satellite imagery is added approximately every 2 weeks or a twice a month. Street View imagery is updated on its own schedule. The same imagery that is added

When will Google Earth update their pictures for France?

Google never lets on when it will update an area but you can subscribe to google's 'Follow Your World' notification service to get an e-mail when they do update France or what

How can you get your house updated on Google Earth?

Google tries to keep imagery less than 3 years so if the imagerywhere your house is located is older then you can report it toGoogle. As of 2012, 75% of the world can see the

Is Google earth images for 2011 updated?

Google updates its imagery every 2-3 weeks. You can see what has been updated in each imagery update in the related links below.

How often is Earth Google updated?

On average it is updated every 1-3 years but this can vary depending on the area being updated. Larger cities such as New, York, London and Dallas would be updated more often

When was Google Earth updated in Portugal?

The images in Google Earth (and Google Maps) are updated on a continuous basis. It's hard to say exactly when an area will be updated because some areas may be updated more fr

When will Google Earth update their pictures for Kansas?

Google never lets on when it will update an area, but you can subscribe to Google's 'Follow Your World' notification service to get an e-mail when they do update Kansas or wha