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In the early 1971, Ray Tomlinson was working on a small team developing the TENEX operating system, with local email programs called SNDMSG and READMAIL. In late 1971, Tomlinson developed the first ARPANET email application when he updated SNDMSG by adding a program called CPYNET capable of copying files over the network, and informed his colleagues by sending them an email using the new program with instructions on how to use it.
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Who invented Email?

Email was invented by Ray Tomlinson in 1971. It was improved in 1972 to include multiple users. On a related note, the world's first integrated email system was invented by Dr

Why was Email invented?

Answer . The original Internet was created as a means for US institutions and other research facilities to share their research data more rapidly than could be done throug

Where was the email invented?

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When were emails invented?

It might take days to send a letter. That is why Ray Tomlinson invented the e-mail on the internet. E-mail is short for electronic mail. E-mails are used for sending and recei

Who invented email and when?

the first email began with Ray Tomlinson in 1971. it was part of a communications network begun by the US government known as "ARPANET". This turned out to be the Internet in

Who invent Email?

Email was invented by VA Shiva Ayyadurai. Ayyadurai, who was only14 at the time of his achievement, was born in 1963 in Mumbai,India.

Who invented a email?

Ray Tomlinson in 1972. He wrote 2 program called SNDMAIL and READMAIL that sent messages accross the Arpanet, the first long distance switched packet network, forerunner of th
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Why did they invent email?

They invented email so that people could communicate more quicklythan by mail or travel. This was immensely important for deliveringtime-sensitive information.
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When was the email fist invented?

The earliest email systems were run on multiuser time-sharing mainframes; messages could be sent between users of the same mainframe. The earliest may well have been run at MI