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When was the hairdryer invented?

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it was invented by Alexandre Godefy in 1890 in France.
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Do hairdryers kill lice?

The heat from hairdryers do actually kill off lice. You will however not be able to kill off them all without damaging your hair and your scalp in the process. Conditioner an

What is the voltage of a hairdryer?

There a many makers of various hairdryers. Most models will fall into the following range: US is 110v-120v Europe is 220v-240v

Where is the hairdryer on cyberchase quest 4?

You get it form that little green character in Perfectumundo (i think) and he will ask you if you want to talk about the weather. when you get the question right he will give

How does a hairdryer dry wet hair?

When you plug in the hair dryer and turn the switch it on, the electrical current flows through the hair dryer. The circuit first supplies power to the heating element. In mos

How does a hairdryer work?

I was just wondering about this myself the other day, howstuffworks.com provides many useful explanations of how commonplace items and many other things work. See the link at

Transfers of energy in a hairdryer?

electrical energy[the outlet]Þthermal energy[the heat it produces]Þthen kinetic energy[when the energy flows through the air to your hair.

Why did alexandre godefoy invent the hairdryer?

using my common sense I'm pretty sure he created it because he knew it was going to make a huge affect on beautician's and many American women. he also knew many women and sty

What energy transformations occur in a hairdryer?

  Motor action occurs when electromagnetic energy (electricity) is converted into mechanical energy (rotation) by the fan motor. The fan then turns and air moves through t
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How many decibels is a hairdryer producing?

In one meter distance the hairdryer can be 60 dBSPL. Never forget to tell the distance of the measuring microphone from the the hairdryer , because the closer you are to the t
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What is the value of Magnum hairdryer by Jerdon?

This is a very rare item, very powerful, keeps hair in great condition. To have one of these you must consider yourself lucky, there were only about 150 of this item manufactu