When was the war of Lebanon?

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This is a debatable answer. Lebanon was part of the Ottoman Empire until 1918. In 1918, due to the Ottoman's loss in World War I, Lebanon became a French mandate. This means that the French had control of Lebanon, according to the League of Nations. It was granted it's independence in 1943; however, allied soldiers still occupied the country. The last French soldier did not leave until 1946. Returning to the question, one could say that the "war of Lebanon" could be 1918.
However, there is a much more plausible war, the Lebanese Civil War. In 1975 civil war broke out in Lebanon. This bloody gruesome battle lasted until 1990. It left a very lasting and powerful scar on Lebanese society.
In truth, the correct answer to the question should be either 1918 or 1975, 1975 being the most logical. 
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What are the causes and effects of the Lebanon war?

The main causes of the war in Lebanon was the fact that the Syrian government had forced itself into Lebanon, and the Lebanese did not like this. Also in Lebanon, there was a war between Christians and Muslims. The cause of the Lebanese civil war was neither exclusively internal nor exclusively exte (MORE)

What countries were involved in the Lebanon war?

You need to be more specific about which war in Lebanon you are referring to. There have been several in the last 30 years. If you are referring to the latest clashes in southern Lebanon (circa 2006), that fighting was between the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and Hezbollah (one of the major parami (MORE)

What countries were involved in the 2006 Lebanon war?

Mainly Israel on one side, and on the other side was Hezbollah, the Amal Movement, the Syrian Socialist National Party (SSNP), the PFLP-GC, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and a handfull of Somali mercenaries. The Lebanese Army was also involved in a few skirmishes with Israeli forces, but officiall (MORE)

What is the capital of Lebanon?

Lebanon's capital and biggest city is Beirut . It was chosen as the one of the top ten liveliest cities in the world by Lonely Planet and the first place to visit in 2009 by the New York times.

Where is Lebanon?

The country of Lebanon is mountainous, bounded on the north and east by Syria , on the west by the Mediterranean and on the south by Israel . Between the parallel mountains ranges of Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon lies the fertile Bekka Valley. About one-half of the country lies at an altitude of ove (MORE)

Who won the Lebanon war?

Israel won the Lebanon war militarily, but Hezbollah may be said to have won politically. Israel achieved its goals, which was to 1) establish a buffer-zone in Southern Lebanon and force Hezbollah to withdraw from this area, 2) reach a complete ceasefire, effectively ceasing the low-scale conflict w (MORE)

What weapons are used in Lebanon vs israel war?

At present (early-to-mid 2014), there is no Lebanon vs Israel war.There hasn't been any military activity there for at least 8 years, and evenwhen there was, although it took place on Lebanese territory, it was waged byoutsiders who had set up shop there because it was a good place to attack Israelf (MORE)

What is the Lebanon war?

It is a civil war that started in 1975 among lebanese parties and ended in the 1990 in a conference held in Taaif in Saudi Arabia. check this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lebanese_Civil_War

Is Amin gemayel involved in Lebanon civil war?

In my opinion, yes, every politician at that time was involved in the civil war. People also say that he and his party started the civil war by bombing a bus, this is mostly what people say there. Thet were also involved in series of stuff like killings and being killed. So it is both, that they suf (MORE)

Is Lebanon a country?

Yes, Lebanon is a country, the link below is the Wikipedia page for it. a small country

Who is the President of Lebanon?

Michel Suleiman is the President of Lebanon. He joined the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) in 1967, and worked his way up to Commander of the LAF in 1998 December succeeding Émile Lahoud who resigned to become president. 10 years later, Suleiman was elected president and sworn in on 2008 May 25, aga (MORE)

Was there a refugee camp in the Lebanon civil war?

There were numerous Palestinian Refugee Camps that were involved in the Lebanese Civil War. One of the darkest moments of the Lebanese Civil War was when the Israeli military assisted the Christians Falangists massacre the Palestinian Refugee Camps of Sabra and Shatila.

Is Lebanon a desert?

nope Lebanon is NOT a desert ... it snows out there ^ Um.. I'm Lebanese, and right now (January) it is about 3 degrees Celsius in Beirut. In the mountains, it goes down to a negative fifteen degrees. In summer it reaches up to 40 degrees Celsius in Beirut and up to thirty in the mountain. The clim (MORE)

Who are the Christians in Lebanon?

Today, it is estimated that the Christian population makes up about 39% of the total population. . The maronites are the largest of the Christian groups. They have had a long and continuous association with the roman catholic church, but have their own patriarch , liturgy , and customs. Traditio (MORE)

Second Lebanon War 2006?

Israel won the second Lebanon war, but it wasn't a very pretty win. Israel was effective in occupying parts of Southern Lebanon, and Israel was also able to destroy almost all of the enemy's long range weapons and infrastructure. But the fact that rockets continued to hit Israel despite these achiev (MORE)

Why did Israel go to war against Lebanon in 1982?

Several Lebanese militant groups, such as the PLO, began to fire rockets into Northern Israel in 1981 and 1982. Israel finally responded by entering the Lebanese Civil War which was going on concurrently with the aim of removing such militant groups from Lebanon.

Why did the Israel-Lebanon War Start?

Israel has fought with Lebanon on several occasions including: Israel's entrée into the Lebanese Civil War in 1982, the Occupation of South Lebanon from 1982-2000, or the recent Israeli-Hezbollah War in 2006. All three stem from different causes. The primary ones for each are listed below. 1) (MORE)

How did the Israel-Lebanon War of 2006 start?

The Israeli-Hezbollah War of 2006 began from Hezbollah's gross misinterpretation of how strongly Israel would respond to its illicit activities. The War had a number of causes that included, but were not limited to: . Hezbollah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers on the Lebanese border: Regev and Gold (MORE)

What weapons were used in the first Lebanon war?

Given the 1982 date, Cold War weapons would have been used by both sides. Israelis: . M16 Assault Rifle . Uzi Submachine gun . AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter . M48/M60 Patton tank? . F-4 Phantom II Fighter-bomber . Etc. The Israelis had a vastly surperior arsenal in nearly every area. Leban (MORE)

How did the people of Lebanon restore calm after the war?

Lebanese are naturally life-loving people! Even after a day from the war, you can see people swimming, playing, touring, and having fun. Some say that Lebanese people had seen too much wars from 1000 years backwards, so they can expect a war any time, that is why they try to spend every single seco (MORE)

Is merkava worth a penny after 2006 Lebanon war?

My answer is hell yes, if you see the actual records just 5 of the tanks was destroyed and the others were damage are now back online, you must also remember that those that were damage were Merk-3, and now the Merk-4 is out which is by FAR superior in both defence and technological advances, but mo (MORE)

What caused the civil war in Lebanon?

Lebanon was populated by Christians and Druse Muslims (a minor division of Islam with elements of Christianity). The Christians held the power, and as the Druse population grew they demanded a greater voice in the government. As people who hold power are usually reluctant to give it up, the Lebanese (MORE)

How has the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict impacted the War in Lebanon?

This question is difficult to answer because the term "War in Lebanon" is nebulous. In the case of the Lebanese Civil War, one of the major factions fighting in that war was the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) which had made Beirut, Lebanon its headquarters after being thrown out from Jor (MORE)

How did the Civil War in Lebanon end?

The civil war ended by the Syrians bombing the Lebanese presidential palace, then the Taif agreement, and a devastated Lebanon with a Syrian occupation.

How did Lebanon started?

It was a part of the turkish kingdom, Al Saltanah Al Osmaniyyah. Then after the World War 1 , this kingdom lost in the battle against France and England, some of the causes were the Arabs (and lebanese) revolutions. France promised Arabs that they'll give them total freedom if they made revolutions (MORE)

What to buy from Lebanon?

What ever you want, clothes and electronics... Make sure you come in May or July, the sales are like 80% here.

Does Lebanon have a dictator?

Why the hell would we have a dictator?Ohh i see,you think we'relike those other countries that kill gay people on sight,wellyou're wrong. It's a free country/ .:When Dictatorship is Fact,Revolution is Right:.

Is Mount Lebanon in Lebanon?

Mount Lebanon was a province in Lebanon during the ottoman period, the French expanded it to become Lebanon. Currently, Mount Lebanon is one of 6 governorates of Lebanon, and is situated in the middle.

Did druse have a war with Lebanon?

It was the Lebanese Civil War. The Druse are Lebanese Muslims, and they fought against Lebanese Christians for many years. It was an internal power struggle which devastated the country, but peace was finally agreed upon and Lebanon is rebuilding.

Is there hyenas in Lebanon?

From 10 years ago Lebanon was full of hyenas but now because of the deforestation and the uncontrolled hunting there is still a little bit of hyenas and bears.

Why are Lebanon and Israel at war?

Israel has fought with Lebanon on several occasions including: Israel's entrée into the Lebanese Civil War in 1982, the Occupation of South Lebanon from 1982-2000, or the recent Israeli-Hezbollah War in 2006. All three stem from different causes. The primary ones for each are listed below. 1) (MORE)

How many wars has Lebanon been in?

They helped fight all the A rab-Israeliwars , and there were 5 of them, and then they foughta civil war, so my estimate wll be about 6 wars.

What does Lebanon do on Christmas?

Umm... The Christians celebrate, streets are decorated, Muslims join in with the celebrations. There are Christmas activities and everything gets very expensive just in time for buying Christmas presents!

What did Lebanon create?

Lebanon created the alphabetic letters.That's what my father told me,but that was before it called Lebanon.

What was the main reason for the civil wars in Lebanon?

The main reason for the civil war in Lebanon was over Religious&Ethical beliefs. The President was a Maronite Christian, the only Christian ruled Nation in the Middle East. The Christian&Muslim Religious Ethics differ greatly causing ethical&civil conflicts. France was a very strong ally of Lebanon (MORE)

Does Lebanon have mountains?

yes! lebanon has two mountain chains, the Lebanon mountains and the Anti Lebanon mountains. these two chains are seperated by the bekaa valley which is part of the Great Rift Valley that starts in Turkey and ends in Africa.

Why did the civil war in Lebanon start in 1975?

Answer 1 It's a long complex story, but to make it short, the Palestinians, after being kicked out of their home land, had received armor to fight back, but instead they resided in Lebanon and had more influence and support by a few Lebanese parties. So they decided to take over Lebanon instead. C (MORE)

Is Lebanon and Syria still in war now?

Lebanon and Syria have not been in direct conflict since the Syrian army ended the Syrian Occupation of Lebanon in April 2005. There have been some border skirmishes, especially because some of the Syrian Civil War spills over into Lebanon, but there is no declared war between the Syrian Regime or a (MORE)

Who fought in the 1982 War of Lebanon?

The 1982 War of Lebanon, also called "Operation Peace for Galilee" by Israel, was fought between Israel and Lebanon when the former invaded the latter.