When you're in water are you really wet?

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Because you are in water and it is obvious
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What do you do if you're wetting the bed?

For people who are older than a kindergartener, a visit to thedoctor for advice is in order. There are biofeedback measures and,for some, medication that may help. It just dep

When you are under water are you really wet?

no you are not really wet when you are underwater! when you come out of the water everthing is basicly dry but you are not. people don't really feel like they are wet when the

What do I do when you're really really hungry?

I think that if you are hungry, you should definitely eat but if it's not time to eat, have a small snack like fruit. If you can't than you will just have to try not to think

If you are completely under water are you really wet?

this is proof... that you are not wet under water because it is surrounding you and when you come out from the water you would be wet because it is only small parts of drops.

Are you wet when you're under water?

\nyes. \nnot necessarily, your not considered wet because your completely covered in water, though the world may never really know ••\nU\n(that was supposed to be

Why do get electrocuted if you're wet?

the metal is a conducting metal and when this touches water it becomes the second conductor and so it sends an electrical surge to what ever is touching the water (you!).
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How do you get really wet?

im a girl and i rub my clit and push and i get all wet but dont do it in bed unless you want pee sheets lol
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Why do water does not get wet?

A liquid can't be wet, the adjective wet implies that at some point in time it was dry, or that it had a solid firm which can get wet. Ice can be wet but when ice turns into i