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Places that are not along fault lines planes* in the earth would have very few earthquakes. +++
In particular, places far from subduction zones, in which one of the Earth's crustal plates is being forced down below another.

*A fault plane is the fracture with displacement itself. Its line is the trace of the fault plane's intersection with the land surface.

There are no places on Earth that experience absolutely no earthquakes.
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What can earthquake do?

An earthquake can affect four spheres: The lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere. The lithosphere is the solid portion of the earth. The hydrosphere is the wate

Was the Christchurch earthquake a deep earthquake or not?

The earthquake in Christchurch, NZ on the 22nd of February, 2011 was located just 4 or 5km underground. To put this in perspective, the quake in September, located near Christ

Is a 7.0 earthquake medium earthquake?

A low earthquake is 1-3 magnitude, a medium earthquake is 4-6 magnitude and a high earthquake is 7+ magnitude. No. A 7.0 magnitude quake would be considered a "major" quake.

What is an earthquake?

Earthquakes are tremors or vibrations in the Earth's crust that arecaused by the build up or accumulation of pressure (more correctlytermed stress). More: The Earth's crust,

What was an earthquake?

an earthquake is when two of the earth's tectonic plaits repsition or move. when an earthquake happens there are also normally aftershocks.also some move together to form a mo

Why do we have earthquakes?

earthquakes are start when two plates start to rub next to each other and the country on top starts to move there a earthquakes all around the world .

Where are there no earthquake?

Britain is usually considered to be earthquake free, yet  occasionally, earth tremors are felt - so far nothing on the scale  suffered by other countries.

What does an earthquake do?

Answer . 1. they shake the ground ... up and down or sidewise 2. the relieve the internal pressure that builds up as the tectonic plates move. . Here effects of an eart

What type of earthquake was the kashmir earthquake?

The Kashmir Earthquake was affected by the destructive tectonic plate boundaries. Eurasian and Indian plate hitting each other. Thats what caused the Himalayas. Once, they hit

Can an earthquake cause more earthquakes?

For the same place, yes, it is possible. This does not usually occur though, because most earthquakes will die off after a few minutes followed only by aftershocks. Once an

Where is a earthquakes?

Earthquakes usually occur around faultlines or plate boundaries because that's where plates split apart a long time ago. When two plates collide they form earthquakes.

Why does an earthquake zone have earthquakes if no volcanoes are there?

Volcanoes are not the primary cause of earthquakes. Most  earthquakes result from the stresses created by tectonic plates  moving past or against one another. At transform b

Where are there no earthquakes with the names of the places?

Although there are some earthquakes that are exceptions, most are  identified by the year they occurred and where they hit (usually a  prominent location) such as the 1906 S