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Where can a 16-year-old find a job?

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Different rules apply to farms, and individual States may have stricter rules.

America's Job Bank. See Related Link below: Has sites for employers and job seekers. About 1.5 million job listings. User can develop an on line career account with resume, etc. Links to latest job trends, employer profiles and on line training and information resources. Free.

Job Corps. See Related Link below: Job Corps is the nation's largest residential education and training program for disadvantaged youth. It is a full-time, year-round residential program that offers a comprehensive array of training, education and supportive services, including supervised dormitory housing, meals, medical care and counseling. Jobs for 16-Year-Olds Here are some job ideas for 16-year-olds
  • Anything an adult can do except where indicated in the specific positions. Some limitations can be selling alcohol and driving.
  • Anything but working in a liquor store.
  • Fast food restaurant, car washes, actually you can work at any place that will hire them. Bus person in a restaurant, washing dishes in restaurant, cleaning, mail room person in large business, porters in hotels, caddy at golf course.
  • Store clerk (retail clothing shop, hobby shop, drug store, etc.)
  • Farm hand
  • Receptionist or administrative assistant
  • Movie theater attendant
  • Babysitting, helping a small business owner, sales, customer service, technical support.
  • any fast food places hire at the age of sixteen and some department stores
  • Common occupations for 16-year-olds: cashiers and cooks
  • Among youths aged 16 in the 1999-2000 school year, 68 percent held an employee job defined as an ongoing relationship with a particular employer at some point during the school year. Cashier was the most common occupation among 16-year-old females with employee jobs; cook was the most common job for males.
  • Cashiers accounted for 20 percent of the female youths with employee jobs. The next most common occupation for 16-year-old females was food counter, fountain, and related occupations, at 14 percent.
  • Of the young males with employee jobs, 14 percent worked as cooks. The next most common job for 16-year-old males was stock handlers and baggers
  • Data on the employment experience and other characteristics of youths are a product of the National Longitudinal Surveys program. Note that jobs such as babysitting or yard work done on an as-needed basis or for multiple employers are considered to be freelance jobs rather than employee jobs. Additional information is available from "Employment Experience of Youths during the School Year and Summer," news release USDL 03-4
  • Check out your local Parks and Recreation Departments. Some have fun Summer Jobs. Some Cities also have Work Experience Programs to train and help you get your first job.
  • First, apply to everywhere you can. your chances go up significantly the more places you apply. Then, About 3 days to 1 week afterwords, go back in and see if the employer has seen your application. If you do this, at most establishments that hire 16 year old, you should either get something along the lines of we're not hiring, or that they want to set up an interview.
  • Probably nowhere. Federal labor laws set limits on how many hours a week minors can work, and what times during the day. The restrictions are set up so that teens aren't scheduled during school hours or late evening shifts.
  • Also, unless you have been working at one thing your entire life, you don't have enough experience for much more than minimum wage positions. Sorry about that.
  • You should go to the library and look at the book Jobs for Kids or 100 Jobs for Kids & Young Adults for some ideas.
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