Where can a convicted felon find an apartment in Virginia?

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Convicted felons in Harrisonburg va rent apt or house
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Where can a convicted felon find a job?

i am an ex con who has tried in several places to obtain employment and every attempt is futile, we paid our debts to society yet we are cast away like we are some kind of disease. the only option that we are really given is to continue to be criminals and i assure you many of us no longer want that (MORE)

Where can a convicted felon get an apartment in Salt Lake City?

Answer . First let me say that I am sorry that in our society that there will be a lot of prejudice against a former convict. If a wrong has been committed and the price paid, there should be no further retribution, PERIOD.\n. \nNow, the answer to your question. \n. \nGet a good real estate (MORE)

Where does a convicted felon find a job in Mississippi?

its very hard to say because i too have been convicted of a felony and you're right we have paid the debt and its like now that we are home its double jeopardy. how can we try to stay out of trouble or be successful when society treats uslike we are trash or worthless. noone is persfect and all have (MORE)

How can you find an apartment in Austin Texas for felons?

Apartment Locator's will help. You may have to call several before you find one who will work with someone with a record. They know the apartments that will accept felons and other records. . There may be an extra charge for a surety bond at the apt. complex.

Can a convicted felon with an MBA find suitable employment?

I think it depends on who you know. I got my federal felony (nonviolent) at the age of 23, completed undergrad at the age of 27, got my MBA by the age of 29, (from good colleges) and cannot find meaningful employment. However, there could be a number of issues regarding this...I am black, have some (MORE)

Where can a convicted felon find an apartment in Colorado?

In Colorado it's nearly impossible to find any kind of housing for felons. Your best way to find an apartment in Colorado, especially Colorado Springs, is to use an Apartment Locator service, like Apartments Etc. in Colorado Springs. You talk with a 'case manager' and tell them your situation. BE (MORE)

Where can a convicted felon find an apartment in Albuquerque New Mexico?

A convicted felon can find an apartment in Albuquerque New Mexicoby doing an internet search for " Apartments in Albuquerque NM thatallow felons " It will pull up the yellow pages and although itisn't 100% accurate, it is a start. It's too bad there are so manyclosed minded people in positions where (MORE)

Find apartments in Las Vegas for felons?

To find apartments in Las Vegas for felons, contact differentcomplexes in the area. You can also contact the housing authorityto determine places that accept felons.

Can a convicted felon hunt with a air rifle in Virginia?

This is going to depend mainly on the crime that the person was convicted of, as well as state laws. This does not sound like an activity a felon should take up however, since the chances of an additional incident may occur.

Can convicted felons get an apartment in the state of Minnesota?

While felons will face many obstacles in finding housing there are land lords that will rent to you. It really depends on the felony. Drug felonies will be your hardest as no one wants adrig dealer to be in their community. Sex felons is also up there so good luck. You are not going to get a lavish (MORE)

Can a convicted felon vote in Virginia?

Virginia - Individuals convicted of most offenses may apply for a gubernatorial restoration of rights three years after completion of their sentence. Those convicted of violent felonies, drug sales, and electoral offenses must wait five years. Virginia Application for Rights Restoration, Short Fo (MORE)

Can a convicted felon have a Virginia real estate agent license?

Yes, but this is totally within the discretion of the licensing board. Often, such boards will consider a criminal conviction in light of the specific offense, the period of time since the offense, and the other traits and qualifications of the applicant.

Where can convicted felons find jobs in Virginia?

For ex felons from prison (not jails) the Work Opportunity Tax Credit can be used within the first twelve months upon release as a financial incentive with employers to hire ex felons. Qualified Ex-Felon. An individual who has been convicted of a felony and has a hiring date which is not more th (MORE)

Can a convicted felon get a firearm in Virginia?

Not legally. -------------------------- See § 18.2-308.2 - Possession or transportation of firearms, firearms ammunition, stun weapons, explosives or concealed weapons by convicted felons; penalties; petition for permit; when issued. A. It shall be unlawful for (i) any person who has b (MORE)

If you are a convicted felon can you get your rights back to own guns in Virginia?

You will have to do your own research on this, FELONS CONVICTED IN STATE COURT OF STATE CRIMES : If you are a resident of a state which completely or partially restores your "rights" (you will have to do research to learn if this applies to your state), you will still remain subject to any restric (MORE)

How does a convicted Felon restore their gun rights in Virginia?

To request the expungement of an offense from your STATE (not Federal) criminal record: You must have either been exonerated, acquited, or served the complete term of your sentence - then file a petition/motion with the court setting forth good reason(s) why your request should be granted. A judge w (MORE)

Can convicted felons rent apartments in Atlanta GA?

The answer is NO...If you want to live in a decent luxury apartment. They will gladly accept convicted felons in high crime, drug infested areas. I applied to several Luxury apartment communities with honesty and they simply said ...don't bother to fill out the application. I was given an excuse in (MORE)

Can convicted felon work at Virginia shipyard?

After 9/11 it was estimated that seventy-five percent of the truck drivers frequenting US shipyards were previously convicted felons. It is probably safe to continue that estimate to all shipyard workers. So, yes, a person previously convicted of a felony can work at a Virginia shipyard, provided th (MORE)

Where can a convicted felon rent an apartment in Fort Collins Colorado?

I'm still looking,so far pickin's are way slim.The few that do rent to felons or to ex- cons are in horrible condition...as in filthy! It's very discouraging and unfair as we / I have paid my dues and deserve to live in a safe and clean environment. Is Fair Housing only for the disabled? I am no (MORE)

Where can a convicted felon find an apartment in Greensboro NC?

Generally speaking apartment complexes anywhere in the United States are reluctant to rent out to convicted felons. But many apartment complexes will rent out to such if the offense was nonviolent in nature, it's been a long time since the offense occurred or since the person has been released from (MORE)

Where can a convicted felon find an apartment in Elgin Illinois?

Same as anyone else. It depends what you were convicted for, but they run a background check on you, you might be able to simply talk your way out of it. You can also just search until you give some landowner a good enough first impression, that he won't bother checking you out. worst case scenario, (MORE)

Where can a convicted felon find and apartment in Florida?

In the State of Florida a felon has no rights, we are now second class citizens. No apartment complex will rent to a felon or someone with a misdemeanor. I was raised great, made mistakes growing up, and now I am paying for the rest of my life. I cant live anywhere clean and quiet and nice. Its alwa (MORE)

Can a convicted felon in Virginia obtain custody of a child?

You need to add more details. All the factors related to a situation must be considered before any answer can be offered. For example, if the felon is the father and he committed grand larceny and served his time and has established a stable life for himself and the custodial mother has died, he may (MORE)

Where can a convicted felon work in Virginia?

\n \n \n \n \n\n The company I work with doesn't care about your past ;\nthey are more interested in what you are willing to do tomorrow . \n \nI am sure you’re sick and tired of someone else dictating your future , dictating how much your worth , what job you can and can't be hired for\ (MORE)