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Where can a disabled person get a car loan?

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In the UK a Company called Motability handles this type of finance.
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Where could a person with a disability and a fixed income get a car loan in the United States?

Answer . \nYou should be able to get a car loan anywhere in the U.S., if you have a note from your doctor stating that you are capable of driving and if you own a house or

Can you apply for a car loan while you already have a personal loan?

Answer . Sure you can. Nothing stopping you. The loans on some of the dealers are outrageous, however (just telling it like it is), so shop with caution.

Where can a disabled veteran get a car loan?

The Veterans Administration may be able to help a disable veteransecure a car loan with a bank. They also have grants available forcar adaptations. You can also contact Milita

Can a personal loan be added to a car loan.?

As far as I know Personal Loans are completely different from Caror Auto Loans and they can not be added to Car Loans.Checkhttp://www.bankbazaar.com/personal-loan.html if you

How do you convert a car for use by a disabled person?

That really depends on a lot of different factors. The first things to consider would be, is the person in question going to be a driver, a passenger, or both? You must consid

What is the difference between car loan and personal unsecured loan?

A car loan is a secured loan. If you don't pay the car loan, the lender can repossess the car. A personal loan is a loan based on your credit worthiness as judged by credit re

How can a person with poor credit get a car loan?

Car loans for those with poor credit can be obtained with a co-signer or someone that is willing to guarantee that the loan will be repaid completely. Without a co-signer a c