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Where can one purchase a Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless controller?

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One can purchase a Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless controller from Amazon, or less expensive from eBay. Sometimes Walmart will have a sale on for very good prices.
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How do you charge your xbox 360 wireless controller?

To recharge your xbox 360 wireless controller you need to buy a play and charge kit(highly recomended) then plug it into the front of the controller and into one of the contro

Where can one purchase an original Xbox 360 wireless adaptor?

The original Xbox 360 wireless adapter may be purchased from several retailers, including Gamestop and Walmart. Microsoft does not offer the adapter for sale but has webpages

Where can one purchase a Microsoft Xbox 360?

One can purchase an Xbox 360 online and in stores. Most videogame stores sell game consoles. One can go to stores like eBay to find secondhand game consoles for better prices.

Where can one purchase a wireless xbox 360 adapter?

A wireless Xbox 360 adapter can be purchased from most major retailers that carry electronics, both in a physical store, and online. Examples of these retailers include Wal-Ma