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Where can one purchase a Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless controller?

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One can purchase a Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless controller from Amazon, or less expensive from eBay. Sometimes Walmart will have a sale on for very good prices.
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How do you connect a wireless controller to the Xbox 360?

There is a small button between the triggers on your controller. Press and hold that button until the lights around the home button go in circles. There is also a small button

How do you get xbox 360 to connect to wireless?

there exists three options: 1. buy the xbox wireless adapter and connect through that. 2. use a laptop and an ethernet cable. to connect to wireless one must bridge the wi

How do you charge batteries in wireless Xbox 360 controller?

  you go to Gamestop, buy a recharagable battery for a XBox 360, you buy a recharage cable, then you put the battery in the back of the controller and plug in the cable. W

Can a wireless Xbox 360 controller connect to another console when already synced to another?

[SORRY IF THIS IS LONG, BUT HOPEFULLY IT'S WORTH IT]-If by sync, you mean be used on a different console, then the answer is yes. I have experience in doing this. Just make su

How do you hook up a second wireless controller to your Xbox 360?

Press the Guide buton in the middle of your controller. Press the little button on the side of your controller that the triggers are on. I believe it's more to the right. Pre

How do you fix a broken battery back for the xBox 360 wireless controller?

Yes. I both asked and answered this question. I hope this helps you people because that's the reason why I posted the question. These are the things you need: -tape (duct tape