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A zorse is a hybrid between a horse and a zebra. There are very few of them in the world, because they are difficult to breed, sterile, and because most people don't have zebras in the backyard to mate with horses in an attempt to create a hybrid. You're honestly better off finding yourself a nice-looking horse, because even if you did manage to track down a zorse (and believe me, that's a very, very big and very illegal IF) you'd probably find it has inherited the intractable nature of the zebra -eta, you can't ride it.
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What are zorses?

A zorse or zebroid, specifically the offspring of a zebra stallion and a horse mare . The rarer reverse pairing is sometimes called a horbra (or hebra ). Like most oth

What do Zorses eat?

Zorses are cross between zebra and horse, so you can give it anything horse and zebra would eat. Zebras eat only grass (as far as i know), but oats and stuff horses eat will b

What do zorses do?

Zorses are a novelty animal and are not bred for any specific purpose other than to show that you can breed a zebra and a horse. Some people try to train them for riding, but

How do zorses survive?

they survive by eating their tails they have 500 tails and they think its yummy

What is the adaptations of a zorse?

The Zorse will be born with the exact same adaptions as it's parents, but since it is an unnatural man made species it is unlike to change or develop it's own adaptions.

What colors are zorses?

They can be in many colours depending on the parents. E.g if the mother is a black and white striped zebra and the father is a chestnut horse then the foal will most likely be