Where can you buy xbox 360 elite in bangladesh?

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How much is Xbox 360 elite?

Well, I got mine about 1 year ago for $299.99. And yes it was an elite. But mine came with a hard-drive, you might can get one a little cheaper if you buy without a hard drive

What the prize of xbox 360 in Bangladesh?

You can check the current xbox price in bdstall which is largest online stall in Bangladesh. Also, you will find prices for other gaming devices. http://www.bdstall.com/list

Is the xbox 360 elite the best console you can buy?

Uh, contrary to the person below me, NO, it isn't. Wii 2.0 is the best console you can buy. _____________________________________________________________________ Any Xbox
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Do you get a free xbox live trial when you buy an xbox 360 elite?

Yes! When you buy a new Xbox 360 Elite when you proceed to create a new xbox live account you should find that the account will be given a free month (30 days) of xbox live. T