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Where can you find a picture or Diagram of a serpentine belt on a Chevy Cavalier RS 4?

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Go to your local parts store and buy a chilton's manual or if you have friendly people at your local GM dealership garage, ask them to make a copy for you :O)
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Where can you find a routing diagram for a Chevy G20 serpentine belt?

serpentine belt routingIt is usually marked on the radiator shroud and shows a diagram if not there check another vehicle with the serpentine belt diagram or go to you local l

Where can you find a picture of a serpentine belt online '97 Cavalier?

    Answer     Replacing your serpentine belt for a 97 cavalier   Somebody was helpful enough to post this at another site and I am loading it to a bunch o

Where is a Diagram of installation of water pump serpentine belt for Chevy Cavalier Z-24?

On the 2.4L the water pump is driven by the timing chain inside that flat black cover on the passenger side. The belt that is on the 2.4L drives the A/C and the altenator,that