Where can you get R12 freon?

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R-12 can be purchased at a VERY FEW refrigeration supply houses (old stock, not yet depleted) but you need EPA certification and the price is ASTRONOMICAL. A better solution would be to use R-414B, or "hot shot", as it is a drop in replacement for R-12, and actually runs a little lower pressure for the same cooling. Good for compressor longevity. But you still need the EPA cert... DON'T just drop in 134a as the expansion valve does not have sufficient adjustment range to meter it correctly and it will eat the rubber seals in the system over time. Best bet? Buy a local refrigeration dude a cold one, crack your wallet and tell him to hook you up with some "hotshot". It works.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
You don't need R12 for anything anymore. The last cars to use it were about 1994. If you are driving something that old, I would just put in R134. Contrary to popular belief, nothing bad will happen, it just won't put out as much cool air.

In reference to the first answer, you cannot just charge your system with R-134a, the O-rings in the system are designed to withhold the chlorine in the R-12. the hydrogen in R-134a eats away in at the seals in those systems. Retrofitting is the best way to get around an empty R-12 system. You have to get a new accumulator for an orifice system or a receiver/dryer for a thermo expansion valve (TXV) system. replace any sources of leaks. add PAG oil for lubrication of the O-rings and the compressor, you should have 2 oz. of oil for every component in the system. example the components in an orifice system; compressor, condenser, orifice, evaporator, accumulator, and lines. 16 oz of oil. you should fill your retrofitted system with only 80% of the manufacture's spec for R-12. example: In a 3 pound system, fill your car with 2.4 pounds of refrigerant. this ensures generically the coldest your new R-134a system will blow. If your R-12 system works perfectly fine and is just a pound short of a full charge, ask a local professional if they could track some down for you, it's going to be more expensive but there's a lot less work to be had.
Due to federal law, only licenced repair shops can possess r-12. Might as well go to the pros for a recharge. I got lucky and found a few cans in a friend's basement. John In Montana

  Go to Walmart and spend 33.00 for a kit. Have a vacuum pulled on your system and changge the high side fitting with the correct one in your kit. Put the new can of refrigerant oil in and the freon while running your a/c on max. Stop adding freon when the compressor kicks on a 25 and kicks out at 40. There is a gauge on the filler apparatus that comes in the kit. It is a very simple procedure.

  The kit mentioned will not have R-12. It will have R-134a, or worse, an "R-12 substitute." If your system is designed for R-12, it may not work well with R-134a, and the R-12-compatible oil in it will not mix with the R-134a. There is a possibility of damaging the system. Using an "R-12 substitute" often has an even greater risk of causing damage. If you want a safe, reliable repair, have a competent shop service the system with R-12 or do a proper, complete conversion to R-1343a for you.

  You can get cans in Mexico


  You can't buy R12 anymore unless you go to a professional. The best thing to do is get the car retrofitted.

  It is against the law to buy or sell R-12 unless you are a qualified mechanic.Then scarcity of R-12 has driven the price so high,it is better to get retrofitted.The price you would pay from the black market isn't worth it.

  Ebay...the catch is you have to email the seller certifying you are buying the R12 for your certified auto tech to insyall!

Got mine from the trunk of some guys car at a garage sale....1 lb R-12 originally $1.29 at K-Mart ...now a bargain of three cans for $45!!! Works great for my 1989 BMW...needs about 1/2 a can each year...to keep er freezing cold...figure I have enough to finish er off!! :0)

If you are not certified to handle R 12 I recommend you don't, because the fines can be severe, they claim the emissions of refridgerant into the atmosphere is adding to the damage of the ozone layers if you have an older vehicle and insist on using the R 12 freon then take it to a certified A/C shop the repair/charge will be costly.
If you want the cheaper route to go with(R134A) then go the alternate route and have a certified shop discharge your system by means of an evacuation pump to remove any and all contaminants if the system was empty, you should replace the receiver drier when doing this type of work and after that is done refill the system with R 134a refridgerant, have the system leak tetsed and if all is good you are done!!

Ebay in small single lb cans. No license required for Ebay small purchases


DO NOT USE Hot Shot for any refrigeration unit whether automotive, home, or commercial. The unit will never work well again. There is a great R-12 alternative that does work as well as R-12 in an R-12 system and has been proven over years of use in cars and commercial refrigeration units by many contractors. you will not have to worry about seals, O-rings, valves, or expansion devices needing to be changed. R-420a (previously RB276) is the absolute closest thing to R-12 but still needs certification to purchase or handle.
Also do not use any refrigerant that says it is "environmentally safe". It contains hydrocarbons (HC's) which are flammable and will ruin the internal parts do to lowering the viscosity of the mineral oils. Find a refrigeration contractor that uses R-420a in older refrigeration equipment and ice machines. Google R-420a or RB276 for more information.
I am an HVAC refrigeration contractor in SC that discovered R-420a over 12 years ago and am still using it in refrigeration and autos with great success. R-134a,as stated before will not work well in an R-12 system for many reasons including incompatibilities of oils. R-12 can still be purchased by certified contractors/mechanics from sources like e-bay.
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What AC refrigerant 'freon' 'R12' is required in 1991 through 1993 Ford Explorer?

R12 Refrigerant . 1991 - 1993 vehicles generally used R12 freon. . R12 is no longer available on the market. Vehicles before 1994 need to be converted to R134A systems.. Overview . Almost all cars and trucks built prior to 1994 had R12(freon) installed in their air conditioning systems. R13 (MORE)

What needs to be changed to replace R12 freon in a '92 Toyota with R134 freon?

Well, I didn't have much knowledge of air conditioning when I decide to retrofit my '91 4runner. I asked the guy at the auto parts store and he recommended a kit and gave me some advice. I went home, read the instructions (they were very easy) and had my system retrofitted/recharged in less than 10 (MORE)

How do you add R12 freon to a 93 Honda Accord?

R12 R12 is now illegal to use. older cars still using it are okay, but no shop will fill it or fix it using r12. you are required to have the freon flushed and the ac compressor oil changed. you then need to buy an adaptor kit and upgrade the system. You need to then use R134A Freon. R12 was banned (MORE)

How can you tell if a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am uses R12 or R134a freon?

Answer . \nThere should be a sticker under the hood indicating whether it uses R12 or R134A. Unfortunatley a lot dont. The only way to tell is by the high and low side fittings. R12 fittings are bothe the same size. R134A has two different size fittings where one is larger than the other, ussua (MORE)

How do you know if r12 freon is in vehicle?

Answer . If if it a 1995 or older then it came with R12 installed. 1996 can be R12 or R134. 1997 up, it has R134/R134a. If you suspect it had R12 look for a label somewhere on the A/C unit signifying it has been converted. If you find it has R12 and is leaking and needs repairing, after the leak (MORE)

Where can you purchase R12 Freon for older cars?

The simple way is to remove the R12 and install R134A. by a kit with that will have a hose, R134A with oil. The new oil may plug your leaks. or go to Mexico and cross the border and buy R12 in 12 oz cans The border guards may take your R12 cans when you come into USA. or Drive your car (MORE)

Conversion for r12 to r134?

Answer . Kits are available at most auto parts stores. Unless you have the proper tools and skills, I recommend you have this done by a professional. It is illegal to release R12 into the atmosphere. Any R12 left in your system, can be reclaimed. Make sure you receive reimbursement for the R12 t (MORE)

What is freon?

Freon is a coolant/refrigerant used in A/C's or refrigerators to cool the air. It is illegal in some states so check before use. California mandates R-134a as a alternative.

How do convert r12 freon to r134a?

There may be a difference in how each gas effects different seals & gaskets, so they probably should be changed to compatible items. But the cost may not be worth changing until there is a problem if any, then get a recon done. On a vehicle or house system, pump out the Freon r12 into a gas bottle ( (MORE)

Can you mix r12 with R134?

No, if you mix them they will gel and ruin the compressor and other components. Also, the oil that is used in the r12 system is not compatible with r134a and will not flow thru the system properly causing the clutch on compressor to not disengage. If you decide to retro fit your vehicle your need to (MORE)

Is r12 freon heavier than air?

Yes. Density of vapor is about 4 times that of air. Vapor will collect in low areas. Ref: http://encyclopedia.airliquide.com/sds/en/041_AL_EN.pdf

Can Hot shot freon be mixed with r12?

The manufacture of Hot Shot says not to mix hot shot with R12 but I know several people that have mixed R12 and Hot Shot in their car Air conditioners without any problem.

Mixing r12 with r134a?

This should NOT be done... You will contaminate the whole system and have to repalce everythig A/C. The A/C will not work if it is mixed. Very expensive.

When was r12 banned?

R12 was in use up until the 90's when R134A was introduced. I believe R12 was phased out at the end of 94, And R134A took it's place from 95 on. I hope that's the answer you're looking for.

How do you retrofit a R12 system to R134a?

The EPA states that the "procedures required for a least-cost retrofit are simple and do not require major component changes. Generally, the process calls for the removal of the oil refrigerant, installation of new fittings and a new label and the addition of either a polyalkylene glycol (PAG) or po (MORE)

How to convert r12 in a 1984 Chevrolet?

I am assuming you have no leaks that must be repaired. To begin you will need a conversion kit with all the necessary materials. It will include: 2 new adapter fittings, 2 -3 cans of R-134, and a hose with adapter. Once you have all the materials, you can begin the process. The first thing you have (MORE)

How much does r12 cost?

The cost of R12 varies a great deal. The use of R12 is illegal insome places and requires certification in others. It is estimatedthat a pound of R12 currently costs approximately $20 US dollars.

Is R12 Compatible with R22?

No it's not. R22 is designed for use in home HVAC systems where as R12 is intended for automotive systems. Using R22 in an automobile will cause swelling of seals and hoses, possible compressor failure due to different running pressures.

Can you mix r11 and r12?

No, if you mix them they will form a gel and ruin the compressor.You will have to have the system evacuated and replaced with thenew refrigerant.

Is it hard to convert R12 to 134a?

If your looking to change from R12 to R134a why not purchase a refill kit from Red Tek which will refill either type of system. It is an EcoSafe Non-Ozone Depleating alternative to Freon. I've used the product and it works well. Go to http://www.redtek.com/ for more details.

Can you use r134a instead of r12?

You can't simply put R134a into an R12 system. You'd have to, at a minimum, change the hose connections and change the oil to PAG. the proper method to retro fit involves adding new charge port adapters, changing the oil in the compressor, and replacing the drier/accumulator. I know a lot of mecha (MORE)

How do you convert r12 to 134?

The manual will say change all the flexible lines and O rings. The truth is that you will need to remove the compressor and receiver tank. Drain all the oil from the compressor, replace the receiver/dryer. Insert new 134 compatible oil. Replace all disturbed O rings. Charge with 134A . Should work

Can you put R12 in a R134 system?

If you mix r12 with r134 air conditioning system, it will cause a high pressure in your airconditioning system and eventually damage the compressor and the evaporator. R12 is only for r12 aircon and something with r134, it can't be mix.

How do you convert r12 to r134a for ac unit?

The old refrigerant will need to be vacuumed out and disposed of correctly, that is why a qualified tech should be doing it. After that you replace all the O rings with the new ones and recharge the system.

Do you need to remove the old compressor oil when converting to 134A from R12 Freon and refill with new oil compatible with134A?

Yes! You may here many people say that it doesn't hurt to mix these oils. However, they are not compatible and this will damage your A/C system over time. Many people that I know have mixed these oils and over time the A/C's compressor went out. Furthermore, the system needs to be retrofitted. These (MORE)

Can you charge your AC with R12 freon yourself?

You have to have a permit to buy R12 and it is very expensive. Anysystem that uses R12 can use 134 the replacement for R12. You willneed adapters that screw onto the old fittings that accept the hosethat hooks to the 134 can. You add freon to the low side of thesystem. The adapter are different size (MORE)

Is r12 banned?

Further production of it is. Existing stocks of R-12 were allowed to continue to be sold, and recovered and recycled R-12 can also be sold.

How do you earn money when you r12?

Wash some cars, paint a fence, walk dogs. Things like that. Find something that everyone needs done, but not everyone wants to do. They will gladly pay to have it done for them. Make sure though that when you get your money don't be stupid with it. Put half or more of whatever you make in the bank f (MORE)

How good is the r134 freon that said you can put in a r12 freon system after draining r12 freon out?

Converting an R-12 system to R-134a is a little more complicated than simply having the R-12 recovered and replacing it with R-134a. Most people (especially with vehicles old enough to still have an R-12 system) don't want to put in the money it would take to do a proper conversion to R-134a. So the (MORE)

How much does it cost to change over from R12 to R134A freon?

Depends on how extensive a conversion you want to do. If you want to a complete conversion and replace just about everything, the cost will be in the thousands. For considerably less, you can replace the refrigerant oil, replace the hose fittings, and replace the metering device. Another alternative (MORE)

What is the risk of mixing freon r12 with freon r134?

Chemical instability of mixing a CFC and HFC together increases the risk of fire . Excessive system pressure resulting in damage to or destruction of AC system components . Improper lubrication of the compressor since the R134a won't carry the oil used for R12 systems properly