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Probably the best is ebay you could put it in homes and millions of people could bid! and say you house is 1 dollar you could hide your price and someone could be 50 dollars
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Can your landord put up a home for sale sign without your consent?

It is his property. I doubt the lease has any restriction that would prevent it. He does not have to renew your agreement and he could actually sell the home subject to your c

What steps should a person take before putting their home for sale?

Before listing one's home for sale, one should research home values, perform any needed repairs or upgrades, and make sure the house is clean and neat. A real estate agent or

Where can one find homes for sale in Pensacola online?

There are many online options for finding homes for sale in Pensacola. Many local realtors utilize online listings of homes. Also, nowadays, many people are listing homes as "
In Atlanta

Where can one find homes for sale in Atlanta online?

Find homes for sale in Atlanta by visiting your local real estate agencies and browse through their multiple listings book. Entering Atlanta homes for sale in a search on the