Where did herobrine come from?

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it came from minecraft when the game came out i think or atleast what people know hahahaha
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Who is herobrine?

MYTH: Herobrine is a myth around the Minecraft area. Supposedly,Herobrine is Notch's(the creator) dead brother. Notch has even saidhe has a brother, to make it scarier. The

What is Herobrine?

herobrine is really just a fictional character in minecraft.mojang confirmed that he never really existed.they say that he was just a rumor that someone started than evantuall

How did herobrine die?

Herobrine was created by Notch`s dead brother (Notch is the creator) Herobrine was created because Notch`s dead brother wanted to take revenge on him (nobody know why he wants

How do you catch herobrine?

Well,thats impossible:The only thing catch is to take photos(Try).Then show it to the youtube.Oh 2 things:He can blow you buildings(A little)and he can spy on you....in 1.6.6

What does herobrine want from you?

Many say he wants to terrorize you in Minecraft. Others say he just wants a friend.......I agree with the others. Ive bumped into him quite a bit , first he stares at me , sec

How can you kill herobrine?

You CAN kill Herobrine, however, the only way to do so is with diamond sword, diamonds armor and a bow and 2 stacks of 64 arrows. The only other way is make a HUGE hole and fi

How do you summon a herobrine?

I don't believe that Herobrine is in vanilla Minecraft. There are videos on YouTube that used the Single Player Commands mod to spawn the discontinued 'monster' (human) mob wi

What is the Herobrine seed?

'Seeds' are a string of text and numbers that Minecraft uses to generate a world. So it controls all naturally-appearing terrain. Herobrine is added by a mod, there's no 's

Is there such thing as Herobrine?

Herobrine is a character from a creepy story, a fictional encounter while someone played the Minecraft game. Despite Mojang playing into the joke by saying they 'removed He

How do you see a herobrine?

Make an herobrine tracker. You make this by making a 3x3 gold square, after put moss cobblestone in the middle, finally put neatherack on the cobble and light it with flint an

Does herobrine kill?

Every one but me, I hang out with him all the time! if your his date he wont go hard on you. I'm serious. I'm warning you, if you don't believe me he is going to stalk and kil
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What does herobrine do?

Herobrine supposedly haunts the player by placing redstonetorches and making wierd cave then he hunts you down. HOWEVER,herobrine is purely a made up fictionaly character whom
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Who is herobrine-?

Herobrine is a fictional character in Minecraft the is incrediblystrong and powerful and was thought to be secretly added to thegame.