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There are differing views on the history of the rosary. According to tradition, the rosary was given to Saint Dominic in an apparition by the Blessed Virgin Mary in the year 1214 in the church of Prouille. This Marian apparition received the title of Our Lady of the Rosary. However, most scholarly research suggests a more gradual and organic development of the rosary. Prayers with beads like the rosary may have begun as a practice by the laity to imitate the monastic Liturgy of the Hours, during the course of which the monks prayed the 150 Psalms daily. As many of the laity and even lay monastics could not read, they substituted 150 repetitions of the Our Father (Pater noster in Latin) for the Psalms, sometimes using a cord with knots on it to keep an accurate count. During the middle ages, evidence suggests that both the Our Father and the Hail Mary were recited with prayer beads. In the 7th century, Saint Eligius wrote of using a counting device to keep track of the 150 Hail Marys of the Psalter of Mary. In 13th century Paris, four trade guilds existed of prayer bead makers, who were referred to as paternosterers, and the beads were referred to as paternosters, suggesting a continued link between the Our Father (Pater noster in Latin) and the prayer beads. In the 12th century, the rule of the English anchorites, the Ancrene Wisse, specified how groups of 50 Hail Marys were to be broken into five decades of ten Hail Marys each. Gradually, the Hail Mary came to replace the Our Father as the prayer most associated with beads. Eventually, each decade came to be preceded by an Our Father, which further mirrored the structure of the monastic Liturgy of the Hours. The practice of meditation during the praying of the Hail Marys is attributed to Dominic of Prussia (1382-1460), a Carthusian monk, who called it "Life of Jesus Rosary" The German monk from Trier added a sentence to each of the 50 Hail Marys already popular at his time, using quotes from scriptures. Promoted by his superior Adolf von Essen and others, his practice became popular among Benedictines and Carthusians from Trier to adjoining Belgium and France, where it was greatly promoted by the preaching of the Dominican priest Alan de Rupe, who helped to spread the devotion in France, Flanders, and the Netherlands between 1460 and his death in 1475. From the 16th to the early 20th century, the structure of the rosary remained essentially unchanged. There were 15 mysteries, one for each of the 15 decades. In the 20th century the addition of the Fatima Prayer to the end of each decade became popular. There were no other changes until 2002 when John Paul II instituted five optional new Luminous Mysteries. Since the 17th century, the Rosary began to appear as an element in key pieces of Roman Catholic Marian art, often in art that depicts the Virgin Mary. Key examples include Murrillo's Madonna with the Rosary at the Museo del Prado in Spain, and the statute of Madonna with Rosary at the church of San Nazaro Maggiore in Milan. Several Roman Catholic Marian churches around the world have also been named after the rosary, e.g. Our Lady of the Rosary Basilica, in Rosario Argentina, the Rosary Basilica in Lourdes and Nossa Senhora do Rosário in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
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What is the purpose of the Rosary?

The Rosary is a tool used by Catholics and some Protestant denominations to honor Mary, the mother of Jesus. It consists of a Crucifix, 6 "Our Father" beads and 53 "Hail Mary" beads. If you would like to learn about how to pray it I suggest: (website below) Contrary to popular culture the Rosary (MORE)

Why do you have rosary beads?

Christians have rosaries to pray! . How to pray the rosary: First of all, one of the most important things that we must do as Christians is to pray, and beginning prayer is meditation. Realize that Christian meditation has absolutely nothing in common with Eastern meditation. That are completel (MORE)

What is a rosary?

The Rosary is a set of prayer beads. Each bead represents a prayer. In the beginning and after every decade of the rosary, there is a bead that is slightly isolated from the others. This is an Our Father bead. The rest of the other beads are Hail Mary prayer beads. There are 5 decades (Set of ten Ha (MORE)

Why is the Rosary important?

First, because being a prayer, it helps us get nearer to God and change the hearts of people. We can preach, but an example is when Jesus resurrected Lazarus (preaching by actions) and the pharisees still wanted to kill him; they reasoned very little instead of converting. However, prayer moves the (MORE)

What do you do with a rosary?

You pray with it. There is a prayer for each bead. Roman Catholic Answer There are many different things involved in answering your question. First of all, one of the most important things that we must do as Christians is to pray, and beginning prayer is meditation. Realize that Christian meditati (MORE)

Who invented the rosary?

No one really invented the rosary- it was given to St. Dominic by the Virgin Mary. . The rosary is very old, we do not really know how old, but we do know that the traditional Dominican rosary that is most commonly said nowadays has been associated with the Dominican Order for over four hundred year (MORE)

What does the rosary represent?

im quite sure that the rosary reprosents the blessed virgin Mary im quite sure that the rosary reprosents the blessed virgin Mary im quite sure that the rosary reprosents the blessed virgin Mary

Where did the rosary come from?

Originally, monks used to say all the 150 psalms using strings of beads to help them remember. Then later that turned into saying 150 Our Fathers for quicker. St Dominic invented the Hail Mary version to convert heretics, possibly because she told him to in a vision.

What is the Rosary?

The Rosary is simply a meditative prayer on the mysteries of our redemption. One can pray alone or in a group. The word rosary means a crown of roses. It is a spiritual bouquet given to Our Lady and she has revealed to a number of people over the centuries that each time they say the Hail Mary they (MORE)

What does the rosary symbolize?

The Rosary is properly a devotion to Mary, the Mother of Jesus and as such represents a personal devotion to the Mother of God as intercessor, blessed mother, and heavenly patron and protector of the Faithful. It is usually constructed of wood, since Christ died upon wood, although sometimes the bea (MORE)

When is the rosary said?

The rosary is said whenever you want to say it! It is a form of contemplative prayer which means that if you are new to the practice you should try and pray it in an area where you can quiet and focus your mind. Some people who recite the rosary say it for a special intention. For an example, whenev (MORE)

What is the history of the rosary?

Rosary - History . It is usually suggested that the rosary began as a practice by the laity to imitate the monastic Office (Breviary or Liturgy of the Hours), by which monks prayed the 150 Psalms. The laity, many of whom could not read, substituted 50 or 150 Ave Marias for the Psalms. Sometimes a (MORE)

What prayers are in the rosary?

Catholic Answer The rosary is made up of both vocal prayers, and mental prayer. It is the mental prayer which is most important, without it, you are just "babbling as the pagans do." The mental prayers consist of a series of meditations on the life of Christ, while the vocal prayers consist of t (MORE)

Is the rosary idolatry?

Speaking as a non-Catholic: . As an evangelical Anglican, I actually never use a rosary as an aid for prayer as this device is more in keeping with the Roman Catholic tradition, although I can very much see the use of such a device in prayer. The beads on the rosary represent various prayers and st (MORE)

Where does rosary get its name?

Probably from some fanciful similarity to a Rose, the flower. Pink rosaries are not unknown among the ladies. a somewhat analogous term Spiritual Bouquet- referred to a combination of devotional acts- usually receiving Communion and two other relilgious activities , one may have been the Rosary. The (MORE)

How did the rosary get its name?

For the source and more detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section (Online Etymology) indicated below this answer box.

Why do you say the rosary?

I, personally, pray the Rosary because it helps me keep focused on Christ and his life; and at times of great sorrow, I turn to those Blessed Beads and turn my cares over to Our Lady. By the time I am finished - I feel much better, kinda like I just cried on my mother's shoulder and found comfort an (MORE)

What is the Visitation in the rosary?

The visitation is the second of the Joyous or Joyful mysteries, following the Annunciation. The visitation occured between Mary and St. Elizabeth. by the way the term is used in French-speaking countries for what is normally called a Wake at a funeral home- one (visits) the deceased for the last tim (MORE)

Who started the rosary?

Mary did not start the rosary. The concept first appeared with Eastern Christian monks in the third century, probably even earlier in a simpler prayer process. In Catholic belief it is most commonly associated with St. Dominic.

What is the rosary used for?

It is used for praying. It is one big prayer made up of lots of little prayers so it helps the person to keep count so that they can totally concentrate on praying. Roman Catholic Answer There are many different things involved in answering your question. First of all, one of the most important (MORE)

What are the prayers of the rosary?

Apostles' Creed Our Father Hail Marys Glory be to the Father Roman Catholic Answer Below are the prayers for the Rosary along with the various mysteries (at the end) that you should be meditating upon for each mystery. Remember that the Rosary is basically a set of meditations. If yo (MORE)

When and why did the Rosary come to be?

The full rosary was originally intended to represent the 150 psalms in a time when people couldn't read, and bibles were hand written and the public wasn't allowed to read the Bible, so it was created as a guidance of meditation and prayer focusing on Jesus' life, called Sacred mysteries.

Can you wear rosary?

Well, it is better than putting it in your pocket where it might fall out or get all dirty with all the stuff in your pocket. A lot ofpeople say you shouldn't but I feel it is a better option than storing it in your pocket, and why would they make a rosary in a necklace form if it weren't supposed t (MORE)

How was the rosary started?

ccounts differ. It was allegedlly introduced by either Saint Dominic ( who founded the order bearing his name-Dominicans) or in some quarters St. Simon Stock ( not to be confused with the Biblical Simon Peter- among other things the First Pope and the Rock of Ages. The history of the Rosary is rathe (MORE)

Why do you pray rosary?

Roman Catholics have prayed the Rosary time out of mind (and when the Church has always followed a given rite there is a strong prima facie case that the rite has authority). The institution of the devotion is often credited to St. Dominic - though this creditation is not a matter of dogma. Th (MORE)

What does rosary symbolise?

A different response: Within the community of Christian Churches, it is the Roman Catholic Church that uses the rosary as a devotional aid to prayer. It is not part of most other Christians' tradition. The rosary itself is not a symbol of anything. It is a circle of beads that help the believe c (MORE)

What to take to a rosary?

There is no specific Uniform code any more than the usual norms applicable to the House of God. Very often the Rosary is recited at funeral homes, so in that instance conservative if not mourning attire is appropriate, obiously no T-shirts or jeans. I would have to have more information.

How do you use the rosary?

A sign of the cross on the Crucifix and then the Apostles'Creed; . An Our Father on the first large bead; . A Hail Mary on each of the three small beads with the followingintentions (the theological virtues): . For the increase of faith . For the increase of hope . For the increase of charity (MORE)

What is praying the Rosary?

Praying the rosary is a necklace type thing with many beads on it. there are 5 decades. every decade symbolizes one of the mysteries. the rosary is meant to be prayed to Mary the mother of God.

How do you wear a rosary?

If you want to wear a Rosary, you may wear it in any way you please. It's a free country. However, be aware that a Rosary is not jewelry. A Rosary is an aid to prayer and a powerful symbol used to recall the events in Jesus's life, Think of how people described stained-glass windows in the Middle (MORE)

What do you do with rosary beads?

Pray. A person uses rosary beads to keep track of where they are in the rosary prayer. . Catholic Answer How to pray the rosary: First of all, one of the most important things that we must do as Christians is to pray, and beginning prayer is meditation. Realize that Christian meditation has absol (MORE)

What is an Islamic rosary?

An Islamic rosary (Arabic "tasbeeh") is a string of beads used to count Zikr. Zikr means "remembrance" and Muslims are encouraged to make Zikr at all times in order to remember their Creator. This helps keep Muslims in touch with their spiritual side at all times, and it has proven to be extremely r (MORE)

What are the spaces in a rosary?

The spaces in a rosary have nothing to do with prayer or religious purposes. They might just be there either because of a mistake made or it could be just the style of rosary. Of course, it could be one of those things that just happens by mistake but is something monumental. If you think about it, (MORE)

Who influenced the Rosary?

There are two theories on where the Rosary came from: the first is more of a Pious legend (although many, myself included) believe it to be true, and the second is a historical development. Pious Legend: The legend is is that the Rosary was given to Saint Dominic in 1214 by Our Lady as a means (MORE)

How do you bless a rosary?

Bring it to church and ask the priest or deacon to bless it for you. He will be happy to do so by placing hands over the rosaries and making the sign of the cross over them and saying a simple prayer of blessing

When was the rosary started?

Catholic Answer The rosary was started in antiquity, but given its present form probably between the years 1000 A.D. and 1400 A.D. by Our Blessed Lady and St. Dominic. It was started, originally, for lay people who were unable to read, they would say an Our Father for each of the 150 psalms. Later (MORE)

What does a rosary resemble?

Probably the first thing most people think of when seeing a rosary (if they are not familiar with it) is a necklace.

What is rachitic rosary?

Beadlike bumps present at the junction of the ribs with their cartilages--often seen in children with rickets.

What is a rosary necklace?

A rosary necklace is a necklace with bead on it. It is supposed to be a way to help you pray to god. For each bead on the necklace, you are supposed to recite a prayer, depending on the type of bead. Cristin and Catholic use it.

Who do pray to with the rosary?

While praying the Rosary you are asking for Mary to intercede and pray for you and your petitions. You are not worshiping her. Just asking for her intercesion since she is closer to God. The same as with the saints. Roman Catholic Answer As with all prayer, the rosary is talking with God, ultima (MORE)

When to pray the rosary?

You pray the rosary in the month of October every day (usually in the morning or at night) you could pray any month any day, but you should try to in October. Roman Catholic Answer You should pray the rosary every single day of your life. The rosary is a series of meditations on the life of Our (MORE)

Who prays the rosary?

Millions of Catholics and other Christians love to pray the Holy Rosary Of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother Of God.

Does presbyterians have rosary?

No, Presbyterians do not have any tradition of using the rosary. But neither does the Presbyterian Church forbid or discourage members from using prayer beads if desired.

When did praying of rosary start?

The rosary as we know it came into use in the 12th century, although there are other similar but less known sacramentals in the Catholic Church (usually called chaplets) and other religions and cultures also use prayer beads of some form.

What is a pocket rosary?

You are probably asking about a one decade rosary, either a short rosary with 11 beads and a crucifix, or a ring rosary with ten small nups, and one big one.

What exactly is the significance of the Rosary and how did the practice start?

Catholic Answer from Modern Catholic Dictionary by John A.Hardon, S.J. Doubleday & Co., Inc. Garden City, NY 1980 Rosary . A devotional prayer, mental and vocal,honoring the blessed Mother of God. It is said on a string of beadsmade up of five sets each of one large and ten smaller beads,cal (MORE)