Where do Pokemon GO when they migrate from Sapphire to SoulSilver?

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When Pokémon are migrated (also known as Pal Park'd) from any Gen 3 game to a Gen 4 game, they are stocked at the Pal Park. In SoulSilver, the Pal Park is located in Fuchsia City in the Kanto Region.

The two generations of Pokémon games migrating Pokémon to and from one another must be the same language, for example an English Ruby cannot migrate to a Japanese HeartGold.

After Pokémon have been imported from the GBA game in the bottom slot of the DS through the main menu of the Generation IV game, they may be captured in Pal Park through an event known as a Catching Show. Each Pokémon has a specific area of the park that they reside in, and therefore, they must also be found before they can be received. Pal Park uses a special type of Poké Ball known as a Park Ball, which has a 100% capture rate, much like the Master Ball. Once a battle begins, there are only two commands that can be used - Throw Ball, or Run. Throwing a Park Ball at the Pokémon will capture it with a 100% capture rate, running away will escape from the battle.

Everything will stay the same, such as OT, ID number, item held, Pokérus if the Pokémon has it, and even the original type of Poké Ball used to capture the Pokémon, despite a Park Ball being used to recapture it.
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How do you migrate Pokemon from sapphire?

Go to the Pokemon daycare in between Mauville and Verdanturf. Then take a female and a male of the same kind of Pokemon and give them to the lady inside. Wait a while and at a

Migrating Pokemon from sapphire?

In order to migrate Pokemon you need to have gotten the National 'Dex. When you start up the game, the option to "Migrate from Sapphire" should appear. You may choose up to 6

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You just need the diamond and Sapphire (Or whatever game) both into the DS. Then when you turn the DS on,you go to the diamond game (WITH sapphire in the DS as well) then on t

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ok 1 st you need a DS DSlite with a slot for GBA games 2nd when you have adapted the game turn on the DS DS lite touch the Pokemon platinum let the menu open the where i

Can you migrate in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

Yes. Once you have beaten Johto and Kanto. Fight the champion and then go to Mt.Silver. At the top is a trainer named red. When you defeat him, go to Fuschia in Kanto, the saf

How can you migrate Pokemon from firered to SoulSilver?

Slip in the fire-red into the GBA game slot on the (Nitendo DS Lite) if you try with the new version ds (Dsi) then you turn on the old ds system and then you should have passe
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Where do you migrate in Pokemon SoulSilver?

In Fuchsia City, there is an area called Pal Park. You can transfer as many Pokèmon as you want in a day, (unlike Diamond and Pearl) but only six at a time. ~Lucario
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How do you migrate Pokemon to Pokemon SoulSilver?

To migrate Pokemon to soulsilver/Heartgold you have to beat the elite four for the first time. Then you simply put in the gba pak you wish to migrate from into your ds and on
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Can you trade with sapphire to soulsilver in pokemon?

It is impossible to move a Pokemon from SoulSilver to Sapphire asthe two games are from different generations, you can only migratePokemon from Sapphire to SoulSilver.
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Where is the migration area for Pokemon SoulSilver?

North of fucisha city where the old safari zone used to be. (Fucisha city is in the kanto region, only accesible when you have defeated the elite four.)