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Where do atoll Reefs grow?

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Atoll reefs usually only form where stony coral growth is quite rapid. They are far more common in pacific reefs than atlantic. However, an atoll is simply a coral reef that encloses a lagoon, and technically they could form anywhere where reefs form.
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What are atolls?

Atoll . An atoll is a type of coral reef, shaped like a ring, that surrounds a lagoon. .

What is an atoll?

An island of coral that encircles a lagoon partly or completely.

What is Atole?

According to the Food Lover's Companion, atole (which is pronounced ah-TOH-leh) is "a very thick beverage that's popular in Mexico http://www.answers.com/topic/mexico-country

Where are atolls?

Small clusters of islands, generally they have little elevation above sea-level.

How does coral reef grows?

the coral reef have babys. the coral reef have babys. the coral reef have babys. the coral reef have babys

Is it possible to grow a coral reef?

Yes, it is possible, you need a salt water tank and let it sit and make sure it is in sunlight. Check out more information about coral reefs at destructionofcoralreefs.weebly

Is the Great Barrier Reef an atoll?

No. The Great Barrier Reef is not a single atoll, but atolls doform part of it. The Great Barrier Reef is a series of atolls,islands and reefs extending for a length of approx