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Atoll reefs usually only form where stony coral growth is quite rapid. They are far more common in pacific reefs than atlantic. However, an atoll is simply a coral reef that encloses a lagoon, and technically they could form anywhere where reefs form.
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What is an atoll?

An island of coral that encircles a lagoon partly or completely.

What is the biggest atoll?

  In most cases, the land area of an atoll is very small in comparison to the total area. Lifou (land area 1146 km²) is the largest raised coral atoll of the world. Lif

How do coral reefs grow?

The formation of a coral reef begins when stony coral larvae, known as polyps,  attach themselves to hard surfaces such as submerged rocks along island or  continental edg

What are the features of an atoll?

Features of an atoll are: They thrive in warm tropical and subtropical waters. Most are found in the Pacific Ocean. They are products of the growth of topical sea organi

Is it possible to grow a coral reef?

Yes, it is possible, you need a salt water tank and let it sit and make sure it is in sunlight. Check out more information about coral reefs at destructionofcoralreefs.weebly.

Where do atolls develop?

Atolls develop in the remnants of volcanic islands. As the island ages and erodes, it becomes an atoll with the crater at the center.

Why do coral reefs need agitated waters to grow?

The agitation clears away sediment, which can block the light that is required for the photosynethic algae to grow on coral reefs. The removal of sedimentation also enables th

How can coral atoll be attached to ocean floor when coral cannot live or form reefs in the deep ocean?

                Coral atoll are tiny sea animals that live in shallow water, but when reefs form the new coral grow over the skeleton of the ol

How long does it take for a coral reef too grow?

The geological record indicates that the ancestors of modern coral reef ecosystems were formed at least 350 million years ago. The coral reefs existing today began growing as

How does a coral reef which is large chain of coral grow?

Coral reefs are underwater structures made from calcium carbonate secreted by corals. Coral reefs are colonies of tiny animals found in marine waters that contain few nutrient