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Over 92% of the Australian population are urban dwellers along the east and southeastern quadrant of the continent, ranging from Brisbane, the Gold and Sunshine Coasts of southern Queensland, down the New South Wales coastline to Victoria and its capital, Melbourne. This is the most fertile region of Australia, with the most flowing rivers. It also includes the capital, Canberra, which has the highest population density of all the states.

Sydney is the most populated city, with Melbourne being the second largest.
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Where do most of the people in Australia live?

Some coastal areas are the most populated regions of Australia, primarily on the eastern coast. Sydney is the most populated city, with Melbourne being the second largest.

Why do most of the people live in rural areas of Australia?

Most Australians do not live in the rural areas but in cities. Those who do live rurally do so because they may be a primary producer, prefer the lifestyle and open spaces, or

What part of Australia do most people live?

  In coastal regions, mostly in the Southeast. Few people live in the interior because it is a dry, hostile environment. The North of Australia is also very hot, and more

Why do most people in Australia live near the coast?

Much of inland Australia is vast, open countryside, which is ideal for running huge sheep or catle sations, or large agricultural holdings, which are maintained by just a few

Why do most people live in sydney Australia?

Most people do not live in Sydney. It is the city with the largest population. Sydney was the site of the first European settlement in Australia, so it was natural for people

In Australia and New Zealand where do most people live?

In New Zealand more people live in the cities than in the rural areas. Having said that, our population is spread right throughout the country . Some areas are naturally more

Do most of the people that live in Australia live in the outback?

Only about 2% of Australians live in the outback The rest live on top of each other in city's and large coastal settlements. Australia is one of the mos urbanised country's in