Where in Africa is Sudan?

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to be more precise it is on the left of Ethiopia and right under Egypt. If you have trouble looking for it on a map it is the biggest country in Africa and the 10th biggest in the world.
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What is the movement of Sudan Africa?

latley (august the 1st) America has sent 2.1 billion dollars of funds towards protecting Sudan (check the herald for more), the funds will go toward arms in helping stop the r

Is Sudan the largest country in Africa?

It used to before July 2011, but after then Sudan split to south and north as different country's, so Sudan is no longer the largest country in Africa.

What rivers are there in Sudan Africa?

Akobo River. Angereb River. Atbarah River. Bahr al-Arab. Bahr el Ghazal River. Bahr el Zeraf. Baro River. Dinder River. Jur River. Kidepo River. Mareb River. Nile.