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Bangladesh is a country in south Asia. The country's west, north and east borders, are surrounded by India, with a small portion of the far southeast, which is bordered by Burma. Approximately 80% of the southern border is made up of wetlands, swamps, or rivers which empty and border the Bay of Bengal.
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Where is Bangladesh?

It is located between southeastern India and Myanmar. Most of the country is in a pocket surrounded by India. It was formerly known as East Pakistan, part of historic Bengal that was established as an area of Islamic majority by the 1947 partition of India. It achieved its independence from Pakist (MORE)

What is Bangladesh?

Bangladesh (The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh) was once known as East Pakistan, which was a region controlled by (and politically and economically bullied by) West Pakistan. The name "Bangladesh" means "Country of Bengal" in the official Bengali language. Together with the Indian state of West Ben (MORE)

Why is Bangladesh poor?

The country lacking natural resource and colonial power took away the little resources available to country. After independence, the country failed to contemplate a long term vision to improve its poverty situation. In last 2-3 decades poverty is fallen drastically but recent food price increase cou (MORE)

Is Bangladesh a continent?

No. Bangladesh is an Asian country, formerly East Pakistan, that is almost completely surrounded by eastern India near Myanmar (Burma).

Flooding in Bangladesh?

Flooding in Bangladesh The severe flooding in Bangladesh started in 2007. It was formed by the Ghaghat River. As a result, the floods have caused lots of poverty, as people in Bangladesh have had to be living in flooded water so there weren't many places to grow crops. The water is also contaminated (MORE)

Weather in Bangladesh?

The weather in Bangladesh is normally very hot and humid. But during winter it gets unusually cold. Then again the weather throughout the year is mostly hot.

Can you get into Bangladesh?

If you are not Bangladeshi citizen that time most of the cases you need passport and visa to visit. For visa you can contact with Bangladesh Misissions Abroad (embassy) in your country.

Is it possible to play World of Warcraft in Bangladesh?

i think that anyone anywhere can play world of warcraft . my dad has a friend that lives in Greece that plays! i made an account,went on and met him! i asked him if really was from Greece and he said yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool,huh? i think that anyone anywhere can play world of warcraft . my dad (MORE)

When did Bangladesh?

qAfter a big liberation which was taken 9 months . More than 30 lakhs people were dead &become mat yrs to make BANGLADESH independent.It was really a great history which is rear in the world's history.U know still Bangladeshis hate Pakistanis.Because it was only happened 4 them.I am so proud to beco (MORE)

Who is bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a rapper who named himself after the country Bangladesh. Birth name is - Shondrae Crawford

Why is Bangladesh called Bangladesh?

The name Bangladesh means "the nation of Bengal" ( Gônôprôjatôntri Bangladesh) . It is the Islamic-majority region of the historic state of Bengal in southeastern India.

Where is Bangladesh in the world?

Bangladesh is a country located in south Asia surrounded by India on all sides except for a small border with Myanmar to the far southeast.

What is the position of world university of Bangladesh in private university ranking in Bangladesh?

Actually there are no rankings of private universities in Bangladesh by any proper authorities or Government. But according to the following criteria the universities ranking may sorting as follows in Bangladesh: Criteria: (1) Universities activities concentrated to students proper education p (MORE)

What is Bangladesh army rank in the world?

Based on the Population and man power available for army, it should be in Top Ten. Some said its no. 7, some said its not in top ten. By military expenditures, Bangladesh is on 61 world ranking with 300,000 active troops and fit for military service 39,520,491, age 19-49 (2010 est.) Source(s): (MORE)

Who did Bangladesh get its independence from?

Pakistan. Prior to 1971, Pakistan consisted of two separateregions. The part now known simply as Pakistan was called WestPakistan while the area now called Bangladesh was East Pakistan.The two pieces were separated physically, economically, and to alarge extent culturally. Simmering discontent led t (MORE)

When was Bangladesh founded?

Constitutionally, Bangladesh was founded on 26 March, 1971 after it had been a part of Pakistan for 24 years. On 25 March, 1971, Pakistan invaded the then East Pakistan (Bangladesh) and killed thousands of people there. As a result, East Pakistan responded with the proclamation of independence on 26 (MORE)

Why was Bangladesh formed?

Bangladesh, Pakistan and India were all one country before, India. However, religious tensions between Hindus and Muslims caused Pakistan to secede from India, with Bangladesh also part of the new country as East Pakistan. Many Muslims from the state of Bihar in India also fled to Bangladesh. Next, (MORE)

What is the position of Bangladesh Army in the world Ranking?

Some said its no. 7, some said its not in top ten, but based on the Population and man power available for army, it should be in Top Ten. There is no certain scale to measure it. However, in UN Peacekeeping Mission, Bangladesh Army is ranked number one.

Did Bangladesh join world war 2?

Bangladesh wasn't born that time, but there were soldiers who were born in chittagong, comilla and other cities of Bangladesh. those soldiers were named as indian soldiers.

What is the position of Bangladesh University of professionals in world university ranking?

Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) is the youngest public university (till Nov 08) in Bangladesh. Here the BBA and MBA program under Faculty of Business Studies is well structured and inline with IBA , Dhaka University and other reputed foreign universities. The infrastructure is well (MORE)

Who scored most runs for Bangladesh in the 1999 cricket world cup?

The Bangladeshi batsman who scored the highest number of runs at the 1999 Cricket World Cup was Minhajul Abedin - whose 140 runs in four innings eclipsed the next best, 120 runs in 5 innings, scored by Mehrab Hussain. Abedin's average was significantly better than any other player's, with a 1999 (MORE)

What is surrounding Bangladesh?

On the north of Bangladesh is India with small parts of Myanmar, on the east of Bangladesh is India, on the south of Bangladesh is the Bay of Bengal, and on the west of Bangladesh is India.

When did Bangladesh become a third world country?

When cold war between USA and USSR sparked and Bangladesh born and refused to accept capitalism and socialism and remained non-aligned with these two super powers it effectively became a 3rd world country. By definition, all non aligned countries including Switzerland, Sweden, and Finland are 3rd wo (MORE)

Where is India Vs Bangladesh T20 world cup 2014 Live streaming and Scorecard?

Not only India Vs Bangladesh T20 World cup matches But also anyother Cricket live streaming online you will get in popularwebsites live such as at the related weblink below. Cric Home is anewly released website where you will get all kind Cricket newsupdate, Players bio data, Career update, Live str (MORE)