Where is Iceland?

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It is a Nordic island country in the North Atlantic Ocean. It has a wonderful topography, perhaps unequaled by any other country. Last year I had visited this country with the help of discover.is.

Where is Iceland located?

near Greenland. http://www.albionk12.org/ContentPages/CommunitySchoolofExcellence/HighSchool/Projects/VetransProject/Clipart/Iceland.world.map.jpg In Northern Europe, right b

Where is Iceland in the country?

Iceland is located north of the Atlantic ocean and east ofGreenland. Their government is republic. It is the size ofKentucky. One of the most volcanic regions in the world. Mo

What do they have in Iceland?

everything you would have in most countries, cars, tv, music awards, schools.it has cool springs and summers, and cold winters. it has some of the best quality of life in the

What not to do in Iceland?

I have mentioned some of the things which you can't do in Iceland.Just check these out: 1. Don't Take Pictures of Everything 2. Don't Leave a Tip 3. Don't Talk About Politics

What can you do at iceland?

Eat lamb dogs! Iceland's version of the "Hot Dog" -Yum! Iceland is an adventurer traveler's dream. I highly recommendhooking up with a local tour guide company in ReykjavÃ

What can you do in iceland?

Most things you can do elsewhere in the world, go to the cinema,the theatre, go skiing, skating, river rafting and more..

How did the Icelanders get to Iceland?

Thousands of years ago, Iceland may have connected to parts of the European mainland so northern Europeans simply migrated to Iceland. Another theory is that Viking explorers

Where is Iceland moss grown?

Grows on the ground in mountains, forests, and arctic areas. Iceland, Scandinavia, Great Britain, North America, Russia and in other areas in the northern Hemisphere. Also gro
In Iceland

Where is Iceland exactly?

Latitude of Iceland: 65º00´ North of the Equator Longitude of Iceland: 18º 00´West of Greenwich