Where is Karachi?

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Karachi is one of the commercial city of Pakistan. It's located in Sindh province. Karachi is a major city in the country of Pakistan. It has a population of over 18 million people and has an area total of 3,527 km2.
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What to do in Karachi Pakistan?

one question is what are you going to do in Karachi for example visit family and stuff like that you can go on a rikshaw or go around and see all of the unique clothes for mal

Does it snow in Karachi?

no it never snows in Karachi because the climate is too mild here. The lowest temperature i remember in Karachi is 5 degree Celsius... :(

Who is the governor of Karachi?

Karachi is a city in Sind Pakistan, there is no governor for Karachi but there is governor for sindh Ishrat-ul-Ibad Khan

Why you love Karachi?

I loveKarachi because this is my home. This is the largest city ofPakistan and industrial hub of my country. This is the pulse andbrain of Pakistan. I love it because; there i

Is Karachi a state?

Karachi isnot a state but it is the largest city of Pakistan. With apopulation of over 14 million is the most densely populated city ofPakistan and is the industrial hub of Pa

Where are Karachi?

Karachiis the largest city of Pakistan. Karachi is situated in extremesouthern side of Pakistan and is known as industrial hub ofPakistan. Karachi is also termed as the Port c