Where is dangerous cliff on Pokemon Rangers?

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on pokemon ranger 2 its on the union road by the jam makers called "peril cliffs"
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Where is the ranger net in Pokemon Ranger?

It should be on the Title Screen where the 'Continue' and 'New Game' options are located. *If it's not there you will have to complete the game to access the Ranger Net*

What are the dangers of your house being built on a cliff?

If your house is built on a cliff, it can be very dangerous. The cliff could get weathered (erosion of the cliff due to the weather conditions), it could be eroded by the sea

Where do you find Peril Cliffs in Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia?

The Peril Cliffs can be found by following the path outside the Ranger Union. From the entrance of the Ranger Union building, travel to the South exit. Go down the stairs on t

Where is cliff cave in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Cliff Cave is near Cianwood City. Just go in the cave you see and you'll be in Cliff Cave. When you pass through Route 47, and see many Cave entrances, that will also be con