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In the USA, there are several mountainous areas. For example, Nevada is known as the most mountainous state. In second place is the state of Alaska.
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What is a mountain?

A area that has been rased by erosion (being worn down) or Plates sliding Answer (1) . Mountains are formed when the land is being pushed up by strong forces in the Earth, su

How tall does a mountain have to be to be a mountain?

less than 500 feet its considered a rolling plain, 500-999 feet, a hill, and over 1000 feet is considered a mountain that is wrong it should be above 600 meters improved by k

Are the catskill mountains really mountains?

No, the Catskills are not really mountains, because they are really plateaus that have been eroded by rivers. These are also known as dissected plateaus which after being erod
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How do mountains become mountains?

when 2 of the earths plates collide and push until they start to come out of the ground and it takes 1000's and 1000's of millions of years for them to be formed.