Where is tail light fuse in 2002 Honda accord?

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Fuse panel, under Dash, Check owners manual for exact number... (15?)

To be more clear, it is the 'small lights' 10A fuse on the passenger side fuse box. If this fuse is blown, it will effect the instrument lights, tail lights, and I believe the dome lights.
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Where are the tail light fuses for a 1993 Honda accord LX located?

I have the same question - my son's car has brake lights, turn signals, backup lights, but no tail lights. I'm guessing this might mean a problem with fuses, but I can't seem

Will 2001 2002 Honda accord tail lights fit on a 1999 accord?

Answer . OEM ones? or Aftermarket?. I doubt it though since the reverse lights are on the bottom on the 01-03, there are wiring differences.. Umm I have a feeling they wi

Head Lights won't trun on 1983 Honda Accord All other lights on. Brake and tail lights on. No head lights for night driving. What fuse is it?

if you look under the right side...fuse panel, open and pull down the plastic flap...fuses are clearly marked...but it is more likely the muti fuction switch the one you use f

How do you change Honda Accord tail lights?

Inside the trunk there is the plastic lining on the edges. There are small black screws and anchors holding the lining on the trunk body. unscrew these black screws. Make sure

Where is the tail light fuse in a Honda Accord?

there is usually a fuse box next to the battery under the bonnet. there is also a fuse box inside the vehicle usually in one of the front kick panels, behind/under the glove b